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Tawes Dewyngaert - Artist

Tawes Dewyngaert

Learn more about Tawes Dewyngaert from Pasadena, MD - United States.

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Tawes has assembled a portfolio of images which are colorful, memorable and pleasing to gaze upon. But he hasn't finished. He would like your participation in his quest to assemble a collection of memorable art to thrill or warm the hearts of all.

The focus of his art is to present images in which he likes to envelope himself to recall a fond memory, or a glad feeling, or the awesomeness of creation.

Instead of saying 'One day, I'll have (that place, or that view) where I can soak in tranquility and beauty for a time everyday - admiring the landscape, or the seascape, or the cityscape ...' say, go there now.

Let Tawes help you travel to that place where that perfect sunset or perfect sunrise occurs everyday, or where the light hits that special something in a special way.

Make it so, that everyday you can see that scene and envision something special.

Tawes' art begins with a photograph... so it is an image of something real. Sometimes just the photograph is the perfect image. But he uses a process that uses digital technology to enhance the colors and soften the sometimes harsh lines of reality. The final image is of something very real... but somehow the softer image 'bends the line' and invokes the viewer's imagination to fill in some intimate details.

Call (941) 483-6202 TDsaver@gmail.com www.ViewYourArt.com

Tawes DewyngART
8223 Green Ice Dr
Pasadena, MD 21122

Tawes Dewyngaert joined Fine Art America on January 20th, 2010.