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Ted Pollard - Artist

About Ted Pollard

Learn more about Ted Pollard from Panama City, Panama - Panama.

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Ted Pollard Biography

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To see products developed

Mr. Ted Pollard was an Industrial Designer and Mechanical Engineer in Silicon Valley Palo Alto, California High technology industry from 1960 - 2004

Ted Pollard professional experience includes: Industrial Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Artist, Photographer, Entrepreneur, President and CEO, Marketing and Sales, Product development Engineer, Project management, Real Estate Development, International finance, International trade; oil, gold, and other commodities.

Born in Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii an education through grade 9 in Honolulu Robert Louis Stevenson and graduated from Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, California in 1956.

Military service: Active duty in US Navy Reserve 1956 - 1959 Specialty: Electronic Technician at Treasure Island California and obtained the Rate of E5 Electronic Technician Radar (ETR) in 3years and was stationed on (USS Atka GB3) an Icebreaker. Pollard enlistment time on the Atka included two trips to Arctic 1957 and 1958 one trip to Antarctic for the IGY year 1957/1958. Pollard shipboard responsibility: Maintain and repair all electronic systems, inventory management, training, supervision, prevent maintenance, manuals and managed all shipboard equipment spaces. Pollard repaired and maintained IFF, radar, radios, transmitters, sonar, movie projectors and audio equipment. Pollard was the senior electronic technician on ship when he completed his reserve active duty.

After the military service, Pollard attended San Jose State University, San Jose California 1959 - 1963
and received a (BSID) Industrial design degree which combines: ART, Industrial art, Business and Engineering. Mr. Pollard continued night school at San Jose State University in the MBA Program.

Mr. Pollard was employed with Hewlett Packard Palo Alto for 3 years working summers as an electronic technician/ engineer and trained in all HP departments. Pollards electronics experience included repair of production and test systems used in manufacturing, calibration and test.
On Graduation, Mr. Pollard was employed at Hewlett Packard as a mechanical engineer and industrial designer of scientific instruments. The Dymec division was HP development center for printers and computers and was one of the principal companies manufacturing advance scientific instruments.

Ted Pollard joined Electroglas as an industrial designer and mechanical engineer in the development of advance semiconductor process equipment. See List of products developed and he started TOP Design a consulting business providing Engineering, Industrial Design consulting services to Silicon Valley HI-tech corporations

Pollard founded TOP Design a high technology consulting company which provided total turnkey product development solutions tailored to the client company requirements to supplement their engineering departments.

TOP Design consulting services included: Product specifications, Human factors engineering, Industrial design concept, models, circuit design, software, mechanical engineering of all mechanical components, wiring diagrams, circuit board design, cables and harness, material list, vendor selection, assembly drawings and instructions, selection of vendors, construction of prototypes, quality assurance, testing, managed UL compliance, data sheets and project management.

TOP Design product development services were provided on an as required basis to the Companies in house engineering staff. Some Corporations contracted the entire product development and the Top Design would deliver the product with all the documentation for the client company to manufacture and sell. Pollard managed an independent staff of engineers, designers, to perform the development work in conjunction with the customers engineering department. Mr. Pollard was responsible for obtaining the development contracts and managing the development program services.

TOP Design developed its own products and this resulted in the expansion of the sales and services to include our own products. All in-house product development was financed internally via our own profits

Consulting Engineering and product development service clients include:
1. Absolute Time Corporation see photos GPS time system replacement for Atomic clocks also, marketing and sales manager of the company in addition to the mechanical engineering design of the systems
2. Antekna Corp see photos
3. ACT Automated Control Technology see photos see below (Founded)
4. Access Computer corporation see photo Computer system (founded)
5. California OAC Corp see photo Time keeping system Note the single board computer with a Z80 Microprocessor was re-engineered for the Access computer
6. Corbin Farnsworth, Inc. see photos
7. Culbertson see photo T error rate monitor
8. Computer Power system see photo HV power supply
9. Dacom see photos Advanced Fax development
10. E.W.T. Inc. see photos LED watch modules
11. Electroglas Inc. see photos diffusion furnace, Laminar Flow system, wafer prober
12. Four-Phase Systems see photos Was a early member of the founders development team Employee 17 and a member of technical staff and had responsibility of the entire product line of system products which a designed and managed the entire product line, selected all
vendors, tooled all components, and establish the assembly methods of all systems and sub-modules. I was employed 4 year and had the special permission to consult with other corporate clients. The company staff expanded to 800 employees, went public, and was later purchased by Motorola.
13. Franklin Electric see image Electric Energy Monitor Model 30A
14. Information Design, Inc. see photos Microfilm cartridge, reader printer
15. International Plasma Corporation see photos Plasma machine
16. M.B. Associates see photos laser, marking system, Nautical Chart Automated Plotter, CAMS laser marking system
17. Mardix, Inc.
18. Micro Power systems see photos
19. NASA Ames see photos Moffite field Mountain View (Exhibit)
20. Omron
21. Oxbridge Associates see photos photomatch35 color matcher
22. Resalabs see photos
23. Systron Donner see photos
24. Time and Frequency Technology see photos GPS system Also provided sales and marketing management exclusive to Government contracts
25. Trendata see photos
26. Try-Data see photos Cartrafile
27. Typereader Corporation page reader type character recognition
28. The Vadic Corporation see photos modems charts, data sets
29. Wiltron Corporation see photo AM –FM Generator Military unit packaging rack mounted

Pollard founded, financed and managed a number HI-Tech companies listed below:
1. ACT Automated Control Technology Licensed technology from IBM to manufacture machinery automation of Milling machines, and other manufacturing equipment. Developed and sold Test instruments, logic probes, scopes, etc. see photos
2. Thea Corporation LED watch manufacturing and sales also sold to EWT, and Timex, and other watch companies in Asia, and UK see photos
3. IPDI International Product Development see photos
4. Access Matrix corporation , product development Name change to Access Corporation Pollard specified and engineered the development of the Access computer see photos
5. Typereader Corp later financed by a private VC funds owned by Robert Noyce (a co-founder Intel Corporation) Corporation now Brian Elfman President and principal developer. Scanners and text recognition algorithms.
6. TOP design Product engineering development service
7. Echo Communication Corp design of S100 computer system used in industrial applications sold as components, design a microprocessor based Fault tolerant computer Similar to Stratus computer systems. Echo developed, manufactured and sold a Card cage and computer system boards and well as exported product to Europe see photos
8. World phone this product was adapted from the Access computer for modem communication before the internet was introduced at the Las Vegas electronics show
9. Arbus Corporation Business Mergers and Acquisitions head of Technology Companies Developed customer base of 35 Silicon Valley hi Tech companies for mergers and partnerships
10. Contract manufacturing associated with Roy Kusamoto ( co founder of Selectron) and formed an association of 30 high- tech companies in silicon valley to develop, design, engineer, and manufacture Hi Tech products I form the group and provided the total outsourced development package to other HI Tech corporations.
11. Stierlin Partners Real Estate development
Developed and built 25,000 SQ ft. industrial building for R&D, manufacturing, and business operations. Purchased the property on Stierlin Rd. Mountain View, raised the Capital for the construction and managed the property. Now called Shore line Road, Mountain View major Industrial Park on the bay lands adjacent to Palo Alto and Moffett field.
12. Buy Hub www.Buyhub.com On line procurement system. Marketing/sales manager . Specified the total procurement services for Government procurement standards, city, county, state. Worked with many cities in the San Francisco Bay Area and established Beta sites.
13. WIN World Investment Network International Trade and Finance
14. www.aguasolvilla.com Agua Sol Villa , Ocean Rock café A Lodge and Café on Isla Taboga , Panama.
15. http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/ted-pollard.html Ted Pollard on line art gallery.

Ted Pollard joined Fine Art America on June 28th, 2014.