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Margie Middleton - Artist

Margie Middleton

Learn more about Margie Middleton from Tulsa, OK - United States.

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the Deevine Miss M. is a Digital Artist/Photographer from Tulsa, OK, currently living in Jacksonville, FL.

My journey as an artist started as soon as I was old enough to clutch a crayon. My favorite Christmas presents were crayons, paints and paper. My passion for art continued into my high school years, when I was taking three art classes a day. However, I quit school right before graduation and dropped my art entirely for 35 years, until, in1995, I went back to school and majored in Graphic Design. Although graphic design has since been my bread and butter, digital painting is that thick layer of jam on top!


Digital painting differs from other forms of digital art and computer generated art, in particular, in that it does not involve the computer rendering from a model.

Digital painting is creating art using technology - a digital camera, scanner and computer - instead of traditional materials such as brushes, paints and canvas. I start by taking a digital photograph of my subject. Using a Wacom tablet and stylus to paint with, I play with the focus, color and form. Some elements are added, others are removed. Each picture is different. Some images remind me of pen and ink drawings, some are watercolors, and others are oil paintings.

The technique is essentially the same as conventional painting but with a few distinct differences. One, there is the obvious difference in materials. Secondly, digital art is far more forgiving. Conventional painting has no ‘undo’ function! The marriage of technology and art does not lessen its merit; indeed, digital art is a work of art

Margie Middleton joined Fine Art America on January 3rd, 2011.