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The name iSAW is an acronym for Imaginatively Superior Art Work.   It’s also an ironic play on the words eye sore. iSAW is a visual arts company, and we showcase imaginative works of art with the options to buy the artwork you like for your personal, business and creative needs and wants.   The iSAW Gallery is the e-commerce division of iSAW Company.   If you have a particular request, please contact us through our website iSAW.COMPANY.
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Prickly Banana

London, En - July 2nd, 2019

PRICKLY BANANA What do you get when you cross a cactus and a banana?

The Flamenco

London, En - July 2nd, 2019

THE FLAMENCO This artwork was inspired by the traditional Spanish dance, The Flamenco. The flamenco is a traditional dance originated from the Andalusian region of southern Spain. The dance includes Cante (singing), Toque (guitar playing), Baile (dance), Jaleo (singing and vocalisation), Palmas (hand clapping) and Pitos (finger snapping). An observer tends to focus on the dancer performing the flamenco, the fluid motion and body movements with sudden sharp changes in direction at times, all in rhythmic harmony to the rest of the accompaniments that make up The Flamenco as we know it. The colour of the clothing is also very important, red clothing or red and black clothing with punctuations of a few bright but complimentary colours. When the dancer is in flow, the predominant colour leads the motion and the secondary colours follow the lead, creating a spectacular motion of colour and shape, hence the inspiration for the artwork.

20 Percent Discount Off Any Artwork

London, En - April 20th, 2019

We’ve just released a promotional offer – 20% DISCOUNT OFF ANY ARTWORK PURCHASED. Browse our e-commerce store iSAW Gallery, and put all that you want in your shopping cart. Click the checkout button. Enter the code BUMZNF at the checkout and a 20% discount will be applied to everything in your shopping cart! This offer is only available for 6 weeks! You can only use this discount code once per transaction, but you as many times as you like within the 6 weeks period, so click the link and grab yourself a great piece of art at a greatly reduced price!

Twisted Flavour Red Wine Promotional Offer

London, En - April 12th, 2019

iSAW COMPANY We have just released a Limited Time Promotional Offer on one of our artworks - TWISTED FLAVOUR RED WINE. This artwork has always been a popular choice, and now it's on a promotional offer at a reduced price! This time limited offer is only available for 5 days, so check it out now and bag yourself a great piece of art at a greatly reduced price! iSAW Company