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Thomas Gaitley - Artist

About Thomas Gaitley

Learn more about Thomas Gaitley from Boston Area - United States.

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The images I create reflect my love of photography and a passion for the earth sciences. I like to emphasize the patterns and textures of rocks and sediments and the boundaries between earth, water and light. I love the power, complexity and beauty of nature and am in awe of the interconnectedness of the world. The dynamic nature of light above and below the water is a continuing theme in my work and the essence of my creative process.

I do my best work when fully immersed in the process of planning, traveling to and experiencing the environment around me. This often means spending long hours in the field: underwater, scaling rocks, wading into high surf and standing for hours, wet, cold and muddy - but exhilarated. The fact that I produce some of my best work in challenging conditions is fundamental to my art and personally rewarding.

Nearly three decades of scuba diving led to a passion for underwater photography, most recently along coastal New England where the abundance and variety of marine life are uniquely different from, but equal in beauty to, that which I have found in tropical waters.

Looking through the lens of a camera allows me to perceive the underwater world in new and unusual ways, appreciating the composition of rocks strewn along a sandy ocean floor, marine invertebrates hidden in plain sight, the play of green, gray and blue light above and below the water. In revealing the wonder found in the ordinary, I strive to highlight what makes my subject extraordinary.

Whether living as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, trekking in remote areas of India, Nepal, New Zealand and Australia, or working across Europe, I am grateful for the joy I have felt in experiencing the diversity of our world's people, cultures, landscapes and creatures. Presenting fine art photographs that reflect the world around me, bringing all of the elements together into one consistent, honorable and uncompromising vision that conveys my feelings, that is the moment I strive to capture ― when a vision is most familiar.

Thomas Gaitley joined Fine Art America on April 28th, 2012.