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TIFF Barrett - Artist

About TIFF Barrett

Learn more about TIFF Barrett from Nassau, Unknown - Bahamas.

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TIFF Gallery is the site for the complete line of premium TIFF Batik/Watercolor Silk Paintings and accessories including iPhone Cases, Canvas Art, Throw Pillows, Tote Bags and more! One work of art can take weeks to spawn in TIFF's mind. Only when TIFF, Tiffany Barrett, has resolved that it is ready in theory will she begin the painstaking process of laying out the habotai silk sheet (a Lightweight silk, also known as China silk), sketching a rough outline, tracing selected areas with a tube of wax called a gutta, painting the various layers of colors with fabric dye, drying it overnight, steaming and drying it overnight a second time. If by any chance there is a slight flaw in the finished product, it is disposed of and the process starts from scratch again.

Tiff attributes her perfectionism to her mother, and considers her success accidental in the literal sense. After years as a popular eco-tour owner and operator in Grand Bahama, a terrible car collision left her debilitated with severe neck injuries. For someone who touted herself as an outdoorsman, inactivity led to depression, and as a therapeutic gesture Tiff's mother took her to a one-day batik class. She was fascinated from the first hour. Today, the entrepreneur-turned- artist divides her time between three passions, her children, husband Ras Hailu, and her art. I have my family's support entirely, she says. My twins are my most outspoken critics and my husband is a pillar for me at all times.

The traditional cloth printing art of Indonesia, batik is a dyeing technique that uses wax and colorful dyes to decorate a piece of fabric. Traditional prints are deeply rooted in Hinduism, but the art form has made its way onto the catwalks of London and now into the art galleries and craft stores of The Bahamas.

Excerpts written By Craig Eldon

TIFF Barrett joined Fine Art America on July 23rd, 2014.