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In my youth I would watch my dad in his makeshift darkroom developing photographs of the family.   It seemed like magic when, in the red glow of the safelight, the image would appear from a blank piece of paper immersed in the developing tray.   I was hooked.   That was when I was still in high school, over 40 years ago.   I have been taking pictures ever since.   I attended Virginia Commonwealth University for a year and a half.   At that time VCU didn't even offer photography as a course let alone a major so I ended up majoring in sculpture in order...more
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Summer Job 1971

During the summer of 1971 I got a job cutting grass at Calvary Cemetery In Norfolk, Virginia. One day I took my camera and took picture every chance I got (usually when we were on break). The guys joked that I must be a spy for the city because the only time I took pictures was when we weren't actually working. I can no longer remember these guy's names but I'm glad I took my camera that day.

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