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Tracey Armstrong - Artist

Tracey Armstrong

Learn more about Tracey Armstrong from Greenstone Hill, Gauteng - South Africa.

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Tracey Armstrong
Born: 18 March 1966
Lives: Johannesburg, South Africa

Tracey was born & raised in Rhodesia & now lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her maternal grandmother was an artist & Tracey’s natural artistic ability was enhanced by various art teachers over the years. After working in the corporate world for 25 years, & longing to paint on a full-time basis, Tracey decided to take a leap of faith & has not looked back. Tracey’s talent has attracted international interest & her art hangs in homes all over the world.

Tracey has a passion for painting African peoples & wildlife. Africa has a soul and a vibrant energy unmatched by any other place & Tracey’s art captures this soulful energy with a quality & style that is indelible & everlasting, whilst also capturing a sense of elegance, serenity & movement. Negative space is a vital element leaving room for imagination & interpretation as well as portraying Africa’s vast open planes. Tracey’s approach to a more contemporary style has proved to be very popular & involves heavy layering of texture & various paint processes.

 Various private exhibitions (local & international)
 Rosebank Rooftop Market (Johannesburg)
 Zoo Lake Artists Under The Sun (Johannesburg)
 ABSA Bank (Johannesburg)
 Citi Bank (Johannesburg)
 Decorex (Johannesburg)

Website: www.traceyarmstrongart.com

Email: tracey@amaze.co.za


Tracey Armstrong joined Fine Art America on August 27th, 2012.