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Tracy L Teeter - Artist

About Tracy L Teeter

Learn more about Tracy L Teeter from Ulysses, KS - United States.

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I am a mostly self-taught artist residing in a small town in SW Kansas. My husband and I reside with three very furry cats named CC, Sas and Gizzy.

I do a variety of subjects mainly with domestic animals and wildlife. Animals captured my heart when I was a child. I experiment with different mediums, but pastels have become my passion. I find happiness from the creation of my works, but the end result of seeing people view the completed piece is the best! Young or old, people like to be uplifted with positive and colorful pieces. It makes my life brighter when I see smiles light up their faces.

Tracy L. Teeter

All images by Tracy L Teeter copyrighted.

Tracy L Teeter joined Fine Art America on January 30th, 2011.