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Trevor Todd - Artist

About Trevor Todd

Learn more about Trevor Todd from Hamilton, Wa - Bermuda.

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“No one knows what the future hold
But we can start by setting goals.
One thing to remember
It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”

As an Artist, my journey is a culmination of world travelling, self-healing, and the pursuit of inner peace. With a strong emphasis on personal development and self discovery,

I am a Bermudian street Artist inspired by my experence in life whose journey in art started with a tale of exploration in the land down under - Australia.

After returning from my ‘walkabout’ in Australia, I developed a new found inspiration to push myself both artistically and spiritually. Having previously only focused my expression of Art through poetry and music and having never picked up an paint brush until ten months prior; September 22, 2006 was my first solo Art show, with my paintings exhibited exclusively at the well respected Masterworks foundation in Bermuda.

Since then it has truly been an enlightening, yet challeging journey for me. Being an artist has given me the creative freedom to explore the use of many mediums and textures.

I enjoy learning and observing the limitless styles and approaches by fellow artists and analyzing their use of different mediums; thus allowing me to enhance the expressions of my experiences in life and assisting me at the same time in unclogging my Cosmic ‘hardrive’.

My journey into self healing of personal scars that previously inhibited my creativity and childlike enthusiasm, has continued to add new life to my ever growing artistic repertoire.

I am looking forward to continuing this infinite journey of self-discovery and to embracing all vehicles that encourage my holistic growth.

Peace, Love and Light………….
Trevor Todd aka Cosmic Consciousness

Trevor Todd joined Fine Art America on May 12th, 2010.