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Tylo Jacobs - Artist

About Tylo Jacobs

Learn more about Tylo Jacobs from Port Elizabeth, EASTERN CAPE - South Africa.

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b. 29 April 1983

A throbbing wealth of past experience in many different industries such as construction, marketing, entertainment and photographic modelling, Tylo is also an engaging entity carved from heartbreak and raw human experience with a sheer talent for finding and elucidating aesthetic beauty.

His impressive CV includes several wide-ranging qualifications in art well as being published in several esteemed publications nationally and internationally. He has also been involved with private and corporate art collections and commissions around the globe.

His intimate understanding of the human condition of physical and emotional pain has led to various philanthropic works such as being the former spokesperson for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Divan Serfontein Miracle Child Foundation.

His raw ambition for corporate success as well as his heartfelt philanthropic side led to the birth of Silver Synergy in 2006, an international consulting, distribution and commissioning agency. Here Tylo elucidated the talents of national artists as well as international ones.

Tylo’s own works can only be described as visually and viscerally overwhelming works of paint that causes even an unappreciative soul to stop and stare. They are expressive amalgamations of research and life experience which gives birth to what can only be called lyrically-inspired tributes that sensually explore the many complexities of life that every person can relate to on an ethereal level.

The timeless words of Constantin Brancusi which says to “paint like a god, command like a king and work like a slave” are words which strongly reflect Tylo’s own motto when it comes to creating works of art. A work is never completed without musical inspiration and this is evident in the superb movement of colours, strokes and life which pound through his paint.

Tylo cites his favourite artists as the before-his-time Da Vinci and the complex colours and lithe movements of Tay Dall. It is an evocative work of Dall named “Everything” that Tylo says captures ‘him’ in its emotive movements of light, imagery and visual boldness.

He also has a critical eye when it comes to society’s flawed mores and doctrines and this is evident in his blog, “How Tylo C’s It”. On it, he comments on the huge controversy the painting “The Spear” caused and there are also the more light-hearted images of comical social situations which can only be found in South Africa.

Tylo, former angelic-featured teen photographic model and super-industry person, will always find a new niche to conquer and will do so with a touch of sublime sophistication.

Tylo Jacobs joined Fine Art America on January 30th, 2012.