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..Was born as Viktor I. Lazarev And...It's all about love...wich is ,-'the saviour' of the world. Cheers.With Love .Vic � contacts: I do not like to talk much about myself(To me It's looks like I do soliciting for your favors,-'please do like me,I'm so good ...begging you on my knees'...ha, USSR background probably cause of it, it's'smells fishy' to me...sorry!) But's some solution from my home town(Jax.Fla) news paper article about: HOMEABOUT THIS BLOG DOWNTOWN EVENTS CALENDARDOWNTOWN VISION, INC. DOWNTOWNJACKSONVILLE.ORG by: Admin in Art Walk, Spotlight No Comments Jan 26th Artist Spotlight: Viktor Lazarev By Julianna Rosano, DVI Intern We talked with Viktor Lazarev, local artist at First Wednesday Art Walk, about his Art Walk experiences and diverse artwork. Q: What initially drew you to display your paintings at the First Wednesday Art Walk?love 022 A: I wanted to display my artwork to people of all different walks of life. Art Walk gave me the opportunity to sell my art to create a living and support my family. Q: What aspects of Art Walk make you keep coming back as a vendor? A: There are a few aspects that keep me coming back, but the number one reason is my friends and new customers. The atmosphere overall is great and it’s exciting, vibrant and inviting. It’s the kind of place you want to be. Q: At what age did you find your love for oil painting? A: I was a young kid and there was just something about it that allowed me to sink deeply into it. From the beginning, I had a feeling, an inspiration and I knew God was behind it. It was that simple. acrylic vikQ: Where do you find your inspiration for your artwork? A: I like to observe the world around me, even the little things can inspire me to create new artwork and there is a little piece of my soul in every painting. Mother Nature is the best inspiration for my art and being able to create something from that is a gift. Q: What is your painting process? Do you mentally create the images first or just begin to paint and see where it leads? A: Most of the time I think about the piece first and create a plan. Other times, it’s spontaneous and I like to create as I go. Q: How long does it usually take you to create one of your paintings? A: When I have a piece envisioned, it usually takes a few days to finish. But when it’s spontaneous, or as the Italians would say “a la prima,” I can finish within a few hours or so. Sometimes those pieces turn out better than the ones I try to plan. Q: Where can people find your artwork?jax.fla. A: Being a local, you can see me and buy my artwork at the First Wednesday Art Walk, North Beaches Art Walk, Riverside Arts Market, the Orange Park Arts Market and the Jax Beach Art Walk. You can also find my art online at or Q: What impact do you hope to have on those who view your artwork? A: Love. I want to impact people with love. I want to awaken love in the hearts of those who see my work, regardless of race or religion. Q: What advice would you give to other local artists? A: Be yourself, have good basics and constantly learn from your favorite artists. Be original and show people something they have never seen before. Make sure to #ShareTheLove and stop by the First Wednesday Art Walk on February 1 to see more of Viktor Lazarev’s artwork. set up 29 1 Tagged: Art Walk, Downtown, Downtown Jacksonville, Downtown Vision, First Wednesday Art Walk, Hemming Park, Jacksonville ArtQuid

Viktor Lazarev joined Fine Art America on December 17th, 2012.