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Vineesh Edakkara - Fine Artist

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As a great Photographer once said- The sight of a ferocious leopard out on the prowl for a hunt in the wilderness would normally scare a person off far way-On the contrary, the ferocity of that untamed exotic beast is a delight for a photographer. The viciousness in those eyes of the leopard, the majestic stride ,the fearless disposition and the intention of Kill-on-sight, that chills people to the bones, which is a complete fantasy of a photographer. Be it capturing a sunrise among a series of snow clad mountains,or the various changing hues of the sunset on a beach, the vast deserts stretching unto the horizon or the crashing of a waterfall , A photographers aim at capturing the beauty of the moment forever. As they say A picture is worth a thousand words and the breathtaking photographs would not be as beautiful and admirable if not for this exquisite talent of the photographer's to captivate what they see in the moment. Truly said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Photographers see their world with the rule of thirds and with a light sensitive box captivate the beauty around them that is inexpressible through words. Such is the life of a photographer.. . Encapsulating world into pictures, from a tiny flower with dew drops to the unlimited blue sky, no subject has been left UN-captured by these unusual admirers of beauty, who can't get enough of Nature's exquisite gifts and have a perfect shot. Photographer's make time stop, at the same time, Coverts that Moment to an everlasting beautiful picture. A Photographers life revolves around touching perfection after perfection with each shot. I, Vineesh Edakkara , am one such admirer of the world around me, I am a photographer!

Vineesh Edakkara joined Fine Art America on June 8th, 2013.