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Brent Andrew Doty - Artist

About Brent Andrew Doty

Learn more about Brent Andrew Doty from Toronto, ON - Canada.

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XANADU PICTURES PRESENTS: The Artwork of Brent Andrew Doty
Artist Statement
Throughout my life and artistic explorations I have always been fascinated with Pop Culture, Celebrities, and their ability to both inspire and repulse the masses simultaneously.
Over the years, my art has been created using many different mediums, some more successful than others. It was these failures that drove me to find a better way to present these Icons’ varied levels of success and influence on our society.
That’s when I created the medium of “Serialist Painting”. By replacing the brushstroke with images I was able to construct large works of art out of juxtaposed, biographical, and otherwise symbolic imagery. The repetition in Serialism mimics our own mass consumer culture and also gives me the ability to convey a visual narrative within each piece.
This websites primary focus is to showcase, sell, and inform the public about future events and exhibitions of my Art. For any sales, commission, or general inquiries please contact me at brentinxanadu@yahoo.ca.
Brent Andrew Doty

Brent Andrew Doty joined Fine Art America on April 8th, 2013.