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Yuriy Shevchuk - Artist

About Yuriy Shevchuk

Learn more about Yuriy Shevchuk from Praha, Pr - Czech Republic.

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Born in 1961 in Kiev, Ukraine, Yuri Shevchuk attended the Kiev Art School and later the prestigious Kiev Architectural Academy. Yuriy has adopted the practice of recording his own experiences in his artworks: his three passions, painting, jazz and historical cars have become the focus of his paintings. Since 1993 Shevchuk has been living in the city of Prague, which he depicts in many of his paintings and also where he exhibits his work widely. He has been described as an accomplished master, full of artistic and intellectual energy. Bewitched with jazz music he skillfully and rapidly sketches the cool and charming figures of musicians in action, showing the positive mood of jazz and the stunning spiritual intensity of this bright magical world. His lively and spontaneous paintings expertly translate the atmosphere and verve of the music, using dripping, seeping paints and pastels. Another part of his interests is retro cars. He does not paint cars as such, but tries to depict his emotional perception of retro style. So, the observer can feel spirit of the past on his works. Shevchuk, an associate member of the Pastels Society of America, has participated in numerous exhibitions and his work is held in collections all over the world. The clarity, harmony, the refined palette of colour and line attract sophisticated art and music lovers worldwide. In the presence of Yuriy's paintings one can almost hear the blues, feel the beguiling emotions and impassioned feelings of the musicians translated through the artist; such intoxication supports the belief that Yuriy Shevchuk is undoubtedly among the leading contemporary artists exhibiting widely in the Czech Republic today.
2007 PASTEL SOCIETY OF AMERICA associate member
2008-2019 Personal Gallery 'U Zlateho Pluhu' Praha1 Pohorelec 5

Group Exhibitions
1993 - 1995 RAPID Gallery Prague (CZ)
2006 - 2007 ART Gallery Tynska7 Prague (CZ)
2007 Michalska Gallery Prague (CZ)
2007 - 2008 Art Gallery Laperuza Prague (CZ)
2007 118 SALON Des Artistes INDEPENDANTS Paris France -Catalog (FR)
2007 LIBR-ART Libramont-Chevigny Belgie -Catalog (B)
2007 ATR-EVENT Antverpen Belgie -Catalog (B)
2007-2008 Crazy Cow Gallery Prague (CZ)
2008-2009 Max Art Gallery Prague (CZ)
2009-2010 EEFineArtGalery Cambridge England (GB)
2010 07 Open-Air Kunstfestival Baden-Baden Augustaplatz Germany (D)
2010 10 Open-Art Baden Baden Germany (D)
2010 Exhibition Music and Theatre restaurant Gorky Moscow Russia (RUS)
2010 10-17 november Exhibition works finalistst competition ArtPreview Moscow Russia (RUS)
2010-2011 december-january Galery Kaiserhof Baden-Baden Germany (D)
2010 26-29 december Gallery KINO and Gallery Art-Club 21 Factory Stars Improvisation'Moskow Russia (RUS)
2011 01 3-10 Gallery KINO and Gallery Art-Club 21 Factory Stars Improvisation'Moskow Russia (RUS)
2011 02 25-27 premium design exhibition Hollywood Legends collection ART-CLUB 21 Amber-Plaza Moskow (RUS)
2011 06 1-30 Prague through the eyes of Russian artists Russian Art Museum in Prague (CZ)
2011 10 Open-Art Baden Baden Germany (D)
2012 06 won 2nd place in international Watercolor Contest of IWS (International Watercolor Society) catalog
2012 - 2013 December - January. Personal exhibition 'Mon Paris' in restaurant 'Tres FRANCAIS' Kiev, Ukraine (UA)
2014 07 Legends - Automobile festival (CZ) Automotive Art
2014 09 Ferdinand Porsche Festival . Liberec - Personal Automotive Exhibition (CZ)
2014 11 -12 Altron Prague Office (CZ) Personal Automotive Exhibition
2014 12 Scuderia Praha (Ferrari Maserati), Praha New Era , Personal Automotive Exhibition (CZ)
2015 07 Legends - Automobile festival (CZ) Personal Automotive Exhibition.
2015 09 Ferdinand Porsche Festival . Liberec - Porsche Art - Personal Automotive Exhibition (CZ)
2015 10 AutoShow Praha - Personal Automotive Exhibition (CZ)
2015 11 CZECHBUS Praha - Personal Automotive Exhibition (CZ)
2016 03 Retro Classic Stuttgart Personal stand Exhibition (D)
2016 04-06 Scuderia Praha (Ferrari Maserati) Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2016 05 Monaco Historique 10GP Gallery L ATELIER Rue Grimaldi (MC)
2016 06 Legendy Automobile festival Prague Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2016 09 Ferdinand Porsche Festival . Liberec - Porsche Art - Personal Automotive Exhibition (CZ)
2016 09 GP Rudilf Caracciola.(D)Personal Automotive Exhibition.Work used for posters GrandPrix Caracciola 2016.The first prizes are memorable gifts to participants.
2016 10 MotorWorld Classic Berlin Personal Exhibition stend (D)
2017 03 Classic Show Brno Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2017 06 Legendy Automobile festival Prague Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2017 07 Gems with the Smell of Gasoline Plzen 2017 Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2017 09 Sportareal Vesec Liberec 142 Ferdinand Porsche Festival SHOP ART Yuriy Shevchuk Art and Autocultura (CZ)
2017 09 Art Exhibition 'Motorsport History' Hotel Palace Cinema Jiloviste u Prahy 50th anniversary of regularity ride to the top Zbraslav - Jiloviste (CZ)
2017 11 Prague PVA Letnany RACINGEXPO Small exhibition (CZ)
2018 2018 Salon RETROMOBILE Paris Stand 1NP160 SHEVCHUKART Personal Exhibition (F)
2018 05 Escarpment Rolls Roys Club CR and Bentley Club CR Prague Small exhibition (CZ)
2018 05 Veteráni pod zámkem Dobřichovice · Dobrichovice Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2018 06 Legendy Automobile festival Prague Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2018 06 FIA Masters Historic Formula One Autodrom Most Small exhibition (CZ)
2018 07 Gems with the Smell of Gasoline Plzen 2018 Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2018 07 Tatransky Oldtimer Exhibition Motorsort Art by Yuriy Shevchuk Vysoke Tatry Tatranska Lomnice Hotel Moravia (SK)
2018 09 Zbraslav - Jíloviště 51st Regularity Ride to the Top in Zbraslav - Jiloviste Small Exhibition (CZ)
2018 09 Small exhibition on the race Brno-Soběšice (CZ)
2018 10 Small exhibition for the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic Black Rose Shopping Mall Prague 1 (CZ)
2018 11 Racing Expo PVA EXPO PRAHA Exhibition of Shevchukart in the Porsche section.Personal Exhibition Stend (CZ)
2018 12 - 2019 01 Autoklub ÄŒR. Club House in Opletalova Street. The exhibition SHEVCHUKART - Motorsport History Art NEW CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX OF HISTORICAL VEHICLES (CZ)
2019 02-03 The Show of Luxury Cars. Cherna Ruze (Black Rose) - Prague 1. Part of the Show - exhibition of works SHEVCHUKART (CZ)
2019 02 Salon RETROMOBILE Paris Personal Exhibition Stend (F)
2019 03 STUTTGART RETRO CLASSICS SHOW Personal Exhibition Stand (D)
2019 04 31th TECHNO CLASSICA ESSEN Personal Exhibition Stend Ga 301 (D)
2019 04 Retro Prague Historic Rally 2019 Zbuzany Automuseum Praha (CZ) Exhibition Automotiveart by Yuriy Shevchuk (CZ)
2019 05 Autoklub České republiky (AČR) Opletalova 29 Praha 1 - Exposition Yuriy Shevchuk paintings - Cars 1000 miles ceskoslovenskych.(CZ)
2019 05 Legendy 5 Automobile festival Prague Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2019 06 Brno GP Revival 2019 Personal exhibition Motorsport Art by Yriy Shevchuk (CZ)
2019 07 Gems with the Smell of Gasoline Plzen 2019 Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2019 07 Tatransky Oldtimer Exhibition Motorsort Art by Yuriy Shevchuk Vysoke Tatry Tatranska Lomnice Hotel Moravia (SK)
2019 07 The Grand Retro Show Vígľaš 2019 Personal Exhibition (SK)
2019 08 2 Palavsky Oldtimer (CZ)
2019 08 Bugatti GP Zlin Personal Exhibition (CZ)
2019 09 Shevchukart Exhibition on Zbraslav - Jiloviste 2019 Bugatti GP (CZ)

Press Releases for Yuriy Shevchuk
2009 Yuriy Shevchuk. Best Of Worldwide Artists Working In Charcoal, Pastel And Pencil Volume I (USA)
2009 Yuriy Shevchuk Is Featured In Blue Canvas ART Magazine 2 (USA)
2010 Yuriy Shevchuk Blue Canvas ART Magazine 6 (USA)
2011 Phillip Island Classic Festival of motor sport 18-20 march (Australia) catalog
2012 Watercolor Images for inclusion in book compendium of watercolour techniques-Robin Berry www.searchpress.com (GB)
2012 Watercolour automotive image inclusion in book Michael Salemi- Pagoda Style Our Stores-Our Pictures-Our Cars (USA) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pagoda-Style-The-Book/235522969856493
2013 My image in book Legends, Icons & Rebels: Music That Changed the World,Robbie Robertson,Jim Guerinot,Sebastian Robertson,Jared Levine.
Tundra Books.Canada.(CAN)
2015 OldTimer Magazine 7-8 2015 (CZ) Interview with the artist Yuriy Shevchuk
2015 MF DNES 04 09 2015 (CZ) published article in newspapers 140 Ferdinand Porsche Festival
2017 My work made it to the cover of Dubai's luxury magazine Concierge Dubai November 2017
2017 Poster Design for veteran action Grand Prix CARACCIOLA 2017 (D)
2018 Poster Design for veteran action Grand Prix CARACCIOLA 2018 (D)
2018 Poster Design for veteran action 1,000 miles of Czechoslovakia in 2018 (CZ)
2019 Poster Design for veteran action 1,000 miles of Czechoslovakia in 2019 (CZ)
2019 31th Tehno-Classica Essen Press release (D)

Works in privat collections USA,Canada,Ukraine,Germany,France,Belgie,England,Australia,Austria,Italy,Argentina,Brasilie,Israel,Spain, etc

Yuriy Shevchuk joined Fine Art America on March 19th, 2008.