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Debby Kirby

4 Years Ago

Cant Get My Face Book App Working , I Have Apage, And A Fan Page No Joy

Please help me somebody, getting really frustrated, trying to get mt fb app working, i have even sent email to support nothing, i am disappointed, i paid the upgrade fee and nothing also cant post events, and i Have a show coming up. it seems that there are serious technical probs on this site, can some one help , me even tried the angel page and followed instructions there still nothing do i have to be signed into face book to do this ? i was under the impression that all you had to do was click all i get it java script/0. love and peace Debby Kirby xx

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I was off for a few hours, sorry.

I will go and find your ticket now


I see no ticket from you

Technical Support


Debby Kirby

4 Years Ago

I did send it and have just retrieved it from my sent box and re-sent it to you, are the technical support for the uk franchise ? i am getting more and more confused on this site :)))


We do not have a franchise :)

Do not sent an email where?

Did you go to that link i gave you and fill out the form for technical support?



You need to enable the profile side first, then your page. Try a different browser. An addon may be stopping it

Events are Behind the Scenes , Events

What problem do you get when you try to add one?


Debby Kirby

4 Years Ago

no i sent it to the support address that the site gave, so you are telling me i have to follow the link now, this is so time consuming, i am an artist trying to paint not spend hours on asite inputting!! sorry i am just frustrated, please dont take it personally. i am just so disappointed thats all .Debby xx


Debby Kirby

4 Years Ago

I t just wont do that on the enable page, what add on do you suggest ? i have most of them, maybe java, and when i try to add the dates on the events page after adding the type and picture it keeps asking for the correct dates format which is inputted like this eg : 01/14/2013 so very confused with both issues debby xx


David Lane

4 Years Ago

Sorry for butting in Debby , I feel your pain , it can be frustrating getting things set up and running smoothly and this site with all the features etc can be confusing. Beth will get you going with the FB stuff. My reason for butting in is you comment about wanting to paint not input. I don't know if this is your first online POD site, but believe me if you want to sell you are going to need to spend hours marketing on line. So get used to the inputting. Love your work!


Tell me about it, Dave :)

Debby, no worries.

Do you have a different browser? Just need to check that is working and then we can move on.

On the events, you must add the date as per the example given.

So, mm/dd/yyyy

USA always put their month before their idea why ;)

So 22 march 13

Will be 03/22/2013


Debby Kirby

4 Years Ago

Yes Beth i understand that as i am Half American and lived and worked over there my browser is avg and i use google too. maybe its a security issue ? what browser do you suggest? Debby xx


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