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Sherry Hallemeier

4 Years Ago

Help With Getting Art Displayed In Local Gallerias

Hello to everyone, I have a New Years Resolution that I am starting to work on but am not quite sure how to go about doing it. My resolution is to have a piece or a few pieces of my art displayed in local gallerias and/or stores by end of 2013. I have sent private emails out to local galleries listed on FAA and just sent out a blog, and now starting a new discussion. I would love to hear from you with any helpful information you may have. Even if it is reviewing my account here on FAA or my website at and letting me know which pieces to try and market with. Any information you have will be truly honored and thank you in advance for your time! Good luck with your New Year Resolutions also. -Sherry

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Tony Reddington

4 Years Ago

you got to meet them in person. contact them by phone, make appointment, go in to the gallery meet the owner. same with shops, you got to meet and show what you got


Try and send real letters then, after a week follow up with an email.....

Hope you got my letter etc etc

In this day of emails letters stand out


Phyllis Beiser

4 Years Ago

I am with Tony, all of the galleries that my work is shown in is the result of "leg work". There were a few that I emailed but they never contacted me as a result of mailing. They really need to see your work up close and meet you in person.


Sherry Hallemeier

4 Years Ago

Thanks to Phyllis, Elizabeth and Tony for taking the time to respond, I am very grateful that you did. I have been thinking about carrying a portfolio of around (5-10) of my images, of course printed on professional quality printing in the size of 8" x 10" of course, not framed. Does this sound appropriate? I think I will try and mail a letter first to a few to see if I get a response and then just get out there. I have to admit, this is the part I'm struggling with but I guess it will get easier the more I do it! Thanks again to all of you, wishing you the best in the new year! -Sherry


Jeffrey Campbell

4 Years Ago


If you have Kindle (or similar) tablet, you could initially show your work electronically to interested galleries you walk in to. And you can follow up in the mail with a few small prints if they show interest. I agree, though, that face time would be the best way. I can only wonder how many e-mails they receive on this very subject. More and more we as a society are relying on the electronic way of communicating and, I feel that it is so much more personal when meeting someone.


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

Sherry - go wander about , & enjoy your day.. Pick a few local galleries around by you & visit them . You should get a feel first for the type of work they display & decide if you want to be there. Chat with everyone you meet from Antique shops, Boutiques & Galleries. shop owners are always friendly - & if they're not than you don't want to be there. & of course, you just so happen to have your portfolio in the car. Meeting & greeting can open new doors for you.


Sherry Hallemeier

4 Years Ago

My daughter has a kindle and my husband has an iPad, maybe between the (2) I can get one of them to agree to let me use it. lol (but then they will have to teach me. Actually when we were updating my computer we tried to think some things out. I chose with a bigger screen monitor and an iMac, I think this was still my best way but maybe not. I do appreciate you taking the time to give your opinion on this, I am very thankful. And I agree, I bet they get tons of emails and maybe just a walk in the door will be the answer, now I just have to get up the nerve. Probably one of the only things I don't feel comfortable doing (selling myself) but if that's what it takes! -Sherry


Sherry Hallemeier

4 Years Ago

Janine, I can't agree with you more. We have the exact place you are talking about pretty close to me and they have a couple of galleries, frame shops, boutiques, and antique shops. Your advice about them being nice or I really don't want to be there anyways is very good! Thanks for sharing your opinion! -Sherry


John Crothers

4 Years Ago

I agree with Tony.

I had a book made through blurb of about 20 pieces.

I called a few galleries and asked if they would be willing to look at it. Both of them said yes. I went in and they both liked what they saw and said they would put some stuff in their store in the next couple weeks.


Sherry Hallemeier

4 Years Ago

I have a book from Adoramapix, maybe too many pieces. I think this is a very good idea. Thanks! -Sherry


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