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Anna Lisa Yoder

4 Years Ago

Default Settings -- How To Transfer Prices From There To Entire Portfolio

When I did my "Default Settings" quite some time ago, including making price adjustments, I thought this would affect my whole portfolio-- I wanted that to happen! However, I just discovered (while upgrading the photo on one of my old files) that those default price settings were NOT there!! So evidently the "Default Settings" only show up when you upload an entirely new piece of work. How frustrating.

Ok, so I then went to "Bulk Pricing Edits" or something like that. I can bring up all my photos, etc. & edit the prices that way. However, I don't see a way to simply transfer my Default Settings prices over. I evidently need to go through the whole thing by hand & change all the prices? This seems very strange, if so. I mean, why even have Default Settings if there's no way to make them affect your entire portfolio?

So unless I'm missing something, I hope FAA will add some kind of button to Default Settings like "Apply to Previous Images". AND, when we edit a work, there should be an "Apply Default Settings" button. Also, the "Bulk Pricing Edits" section needs a way to apply Default Settings prices across the board.

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

default only covers here and now. the prices should be filled in for bulk, but are often not, print a copy of your prices and just fill in the boxes again for the bulk, then do bulk. it used to work. but it's doing funny things lately.

when you upload, the prices will be filled in from this point on as your default. it would be nice to have a button like that though, i think i've mentioned it in the past. but for now just fill those numbers in and say ok, then hold your breath because it takes a while to do what it needs to do. mine takes like 4 min. and there is no real status what it's up to. any other ideas should be posted in suggestions.

---Mike Savad


Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago

To change them all you have to do a global price update.


There are four ways to price images

Log in
go Behind The Scenes

1. Originals and non print on demand - This means any work you are selling and dsending out yourself, such as physical paintings or prints you have made at home.
Edit image or on upload, fill out the Price and Dimensions area completely

2. Single Pricing - Edit the image you wish to change and put in the new prices. Submit
This is slow but great if you just have one or two images you need to change

3. Bulk Pricing - Go to 'Bulk Edit Price' and bulk edit the prices you want in place of the old. Submit
This sets all the images you have now. You can choose galleries or sets or do all the images at once.

4. Future Pricing - Go to 'Default Settings' and put in the prices you will be wanting on all future uploads. Submit
This sets prices for future uploads

Refresh your page to see the new prices on your profile

Always log out to see what other people are seeing. Logged in you see base price

It is not possible to have separate prices for different products


C Ribet

4 Years Ago


Bulk edit for me does not work at all. It does not even work if I select ONLY TWO images. One gets the update. The other does not.

I posted this to the bugs page.

Does ANYONE out there have a report of bulk edit ever working properly for them?


C Ribet

4 Years Ago

I know what it is supposed to do.

I want to know if anyone ever has managed to get it to work correctly...


Bulk edit is working fine. I just tested it on my images. Please contact me using Support so I can take a look at your account


Thomas Woolworth

4 Years Ago


When I try to bulk edit all of my images, I can select the total number but no fields appear on the screen for me to change the pricing.
I must be missing something?


Thomas Woolworth

4 Years Ago


Well I figured my issue out somewhat. I can do a bulk edit price update to all of my images from my but not from within the main site of
On the main site the page would just stay black and no price fields would appear.
As long as I could accomplish the update that's all that matters.



4 Years Ago

Hi all,

I just upgrade my account to premier account, so i want to bulk edit all my old photos other than the 25 online photos with the default price, but I can't find a way to do it, do i have to manually put those price again?

I hope there could have some changes in the price edit system, like we can make a few templates of the price..and just attach to images easiy... I know there is default setting, but it is only working for new uploads.


I have a video here

Global price update feature (also called Bulk Edit)

Step 1. Go to Behind the Scenes\Artwork

Step 2. Click on new Global Price Update button

Step 3. Click on Show all images

Step 4. Check Image box to display images to be updated

Step 5 1. Check Select all images on pages box OR select the images that you would like to update.
If you dont select , only the images on the page that is showing will be updated.
If you place a check beside the images you want to update, only those images will be updated
Step 5 2. Click on Edit Checked Images Simultaneously when you have made your selections

Step 6 1. Enter your new prices
Step 6 2. Enter your new card prices
Step 6 3. Press submit to proceed with update. If you dont press submit, no changes will be saved.

Youre done.

You should receive a message saying that the update has been applied successfully.

You have to still make changes to your default settings. This bulk update only applies to existing images.

Hope this helps



Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

default pricing will set all your future prices at that price. if you go into bulk edit in behind the scenes, you can change them all at once. i think you choose all, then hit the empty box, then hit change all, and the prices should fill in as the defaults you chose (but not always so write them down first). after that they will change and there you go. there may be a video tutorial floating around i don't know where beth keeps them.

---Mike Savad


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

oh there you go.

---Mike Savad


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