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Andres Leon

4 Years Ago

Another Cormorant Face Off

Hello all,
My first post, so please go nuts with your comments :)

I find the eyes in this shot to be what makes the image so special, but I think there is something that is not making it work quite right. I think the exposure is right, but what do you think about the composition? detail? What makes you love or hate this image?

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Thanks to all for your feedback!

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Paul Hilario

4 Years Ago

Hi Andres.
I love the yellow-orange and blue combination in the face.
I think you need to crop the left side upto 1/4 of the pic. This way you amplify the face of the bird and do not dilute it with the negative space. Try to cover that area with a finger so you'll see if it works for you.
Just my thoughts :-)


Robert Woodward

4 Years Ago

I agree with Paul. There is a little too much negative space on the left and in this case it does not enhance the image.


MM Anderson

4 Years Ago

I love this image! but I agree that cropping on the left might make it better.


Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago

I am imagining it cropped...I don't think it makes it stronger. But that's just my opinion.

I think it's an excellent shot. The eyes make it...but I like the space and focus as well.


Andres Leon

4 Years Ago

Thank you all for the comments. I debated with myself quite a bit on whether I should have so much space on the left side. I decided to leave it because I think it would allow the option to add a message on the negative space for either a post card or poster. Some kind of motivational message or something like that. Cropping it more and remove the left side would have made the face bigger, but would decrease the print size possibilities.

Again, thanks for your suggestions!


David Waldo

4 Years Ago

Great shot! I would definitely crop the left and the bottom to keep the same proportions. The face is a little too high in the frame for my taste. Also, I know you can't change the bird but my eyes were drawn to the lighter wing feathers. Cropping them out slightly will help. A little contrast and sharpening I think will help define features.


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