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Studio Tolere

4 Years Ago

Flowers The Spirit The Vase The Soul

Mystical beauty when an artist expresses the beauty and light of a flower.
Add the container as the artists soul and personality,
with line, color and composition

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Alfred Ng

4 Years Ago

I haven't heard of this term of "post realism" and this is what I found at the web:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Post-realism is a theoretical perspective on international relations. According to post-realism, global actors are joined in a global network of thoughts, actions, and talk. Post-realism focuses particularly on the talk, on discourse and debate in the conduct and study of international relations. For post-realists, international realism is a form of social scientific and political rhetoric. It opens rather than closes a debate about what is real and what is realistic in international relations.


Delete Delete

4 Years Ago


Maybe it is not "post-realism"...... but : "...... fine to fantastic. Post, realism flowers in a vase paintings."

There is no punctuation in that entire sentence

It's hard to tell what the message is, when people forget that punctuation is just as important online, as it is when reading in print form.



4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Flowers in a vase is one of my favorite subjects. Chana, thank you a lot for opened this thread.

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Alfred Ng

4 Years Ago

Tiny, I found this statement on her group:

About This Group
The focus of this group is the vase with flowers, outside of the still life realist format. Since a little girl I have been captivated by the works of Odilon Redon and Henri Matisse of a Vase and Flowers.

Flowers are pure spirit and the vase to me is the soul container we each bring. Any medium, mixed, collage and digital are accepted based on the quality of the piece itself and it falling into the parameters of the group's intent.

Each artist has evolved a style and feeling for working with this motif over time. An ongoing discussion of process and inspiration will be enriching all around.

The vase with flowers impressionist era and on, done beautifully, is captivating and mesmerizing
still, for the entire range of viewers. The intent of the homepage is to feature standout pieces in an order in which they can each be felt and seen by visitors to the site.

I think what she meant was non-realistic still life paintings of flowers in a vase.


Studio Tolere

4 Years Ago

Great posts, Alfred and Tiny by Nature.
Maybe Alfred is onto something that is the difference between realism and what came next.
The Impressionists wanted that global discussion between light and form to infuse their work.
Abstract expressionism , as great Japanese work eradicated the idea of isolationism-
the object versus the space or background.
The new group posts work with global talk within itself.
Come see
.Punctuation == good lines.



4 Years Ago

Flowers are really magic, indeed, Chana.


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