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Melissa Vijay Bharwani

4 Years Ago


Someone just bought one of my pieces! and i\'m thrilled! but the person who bought it they are from PA but doesn\'t come in my recent views- which is a tad confusing - does that mean a lot more ppl have seen my pieces , but it just doesn\'t come up in recent views?

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Sydne Archambault

4 Years Ago

Congratulations Melissa, it has been a good day for you. However I do not have an answer for you.



4 Years Ago

I don't know the answer to your question, but I want to congratulate you, Melissa. :)


Heather Applegate

4 Years Ago

Give it time to show up, or it may be that someone somewhere else bought it for someone in PA. I believe the shipping address is the one that gets noted as the buyer.


Natalie Kinnear

4 Years Ago

I've noticed this too with a few of my sales.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

if they didn't accept cookies it might not have registered. also they wrote down a state, but their ip may be logged in from a different place.

---Mike Savad


David Patterson

4 Years Ago

What Mike they could of put in in their cart a long time ago, and it might not of made the recent search tally.


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

Congrats !


Congrats on the sale!


JC Findley

4 Years Ago

Ahhh, the cart, that explains some things as it happens to my quite often.


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