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Jeff Abrahamson

4 Years Ago

Gallery Question...

Is it possible to only show images in Galleries as opposed to having them in both the gallery and on the front page? I've uploaded images meant only for cards and created a "Card" Gallery but the images are showing up in both places. Probably a simple solution but I'm overlooking the answer. Thanks in advance for your help.

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They will show in both places as it gives the customer a choice. The artwork page shows ALL your work in one place for people to scroll through.

Make sure your default settings is Gallery homepage. But no, you cannot remove from all images or the image is deleted from the site whereas, if deleted from a gallery, it is just removed from that gallery


Jeffrey Kolker

4 Years Ago

You can have the system default to Gallery view, but there is nothing that I know of that will keep the images from showing both places. No options for that...


Jeff Abrahamson

4 Years Ago

Thanks folks, appreciate the fast answer.


Jeffery Johnson

4 Years Ago

Not sure you would want to do this but a work around might be to place say Greeting Card at the end of the title of the image. If someone is looking through the image they will know it is for greeting cards only.

Just my 2cents.


Ginny Schmidt

4 Years Ago

OK, so what is the purpose of being able to create a "Private" gallery for images not to be for sale or shown
to the public. I was hoping that I could put images in a private gallery that I might share on a case by case
basis either in emails or a discussion reply, that would be uploaded only for that purpose, that I did not want
to clutter up my Images tab with. A password protected gallery is great - IF one can put images in there that
one does not want shown to the public --- but they are still in the big collection under images, right?
I don't get the logic in that.


You will see them when logged in

Nobody else can see them


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