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Nina Stavlund

4 Years Ago

Problems Changing Group Avatar


I just had a contest in my group where the winner would be the new group avatar for 2013.
The winner sent me her image which is 200px X 200px, and I've tried to change the avatar 5 times with no luck at all.
I can't seem to be able to find any guidelines about size or format for the group avatars.
Does anyone know and can help me?

Thank you in advance.
Nina Stavlund

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Refresh your page or browser cache (keyboard F5) the image changes immediately


Nina Stavlund

4 Years Ago

I did, and it's still not changed:
The old image is still there.


Nina Stavlund

4 Years Ago

I just tried again and I simply can't change the avatar.
Please advise.


Ginny Schmidt

4 Years Ago

having same issue - beth told me they are working on a bug.


Groups image uploads etc should be fixed now

You will need to redo and then dont forget to refresh


A M Johnson

4 Years Ago

Are you trying to upload a .png or .gif instead of a .jpg? I think .jpg is the only allowed file type.


Nina Stavlund

4 Years Ago

Thank you so much.
I contacted tech help yesterday and sent the image, but I tried to change the avatar right now and it finally worked!
Thank you so much :o)


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