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Ruth Seal

4 Years Ago

Help Me Out Here.

I have come on to this site unlogged and done a search for various breeds of dog, which I have uploaded images, and do not find them under "Paintings".
I have for instance used the following key words;
bull mastiff, animal, mammal, canine, dog, pet, pastel, ruth seal

I designated both "paintings" and "pastel". They show up under "all", but not under "paintings".
Why is that?
What have I done wrong, and what should I do to correct it, so they show up under "paintings" and under "pastel"?

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Pamela Patch

4 Years Ago

Hi Ruth, try removing the hyphenated words in your medium ie painting - pastel and list just painting.
Then in your key words list pastel, colored pencil, etc.

Note: this change will not be immediatly viewable, it takes at least 24 hrs for a change to be effected.


Ruth Seal

4 Years Ago

I didn't use any hyphenated words in the key words. I meant at the bottom where you are to click on the picture showing the designation for the type of work that it is. It worked earlier when I put up some colored pencil art and I clicked on "paintings" and on "drawings" .
Somehow I am still getting visitors even tho I cannot find the paintings they are visiting unless I search "all".
Seems that if I search for "Boxer Dog paintings" it should be there.

Does it matter which order I write the words?

Do I have to use "paintings" and "colored Pencil" or "pastel" or whatever in the Key words?


Pamela Patch

4 Years Ago

Ruth, on your profile to the left is a field marked "medium", mine reads photography yours reads painting - pastel. This is what
I meant when I said change it to read just "painting" as your specialty but since you were able to find your work earlier and not
now I am thinking it might be something else.

Some say yes and some say no as to the order of the keywords, I start with the most obvious ie dog.

You dont have to add "painting" to your keywords as faa does that for you but I would add descriptive
words such as colored pencil, pastel, oil, etc.


Heather Applegate

4 Years Ago

how about just putting in boxer dog, then choosing painting as the medium from the drop down menu at the top. do you get results then? And did you just upload the dog paintings today? if so, you won't find them yet. they won't be indexed yet.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

first it takes 24 hours before you can search. second, there has been problems with indexing lately. third, the search is sorted by who sold the most, and you could be well in the back. if you add paintings to the search it will switch over to that category and that's it. most of the words you used are very common. it should find you by your own name, if it doesn't it means your not there. though it doesn't hurt to add that to the words as well. make sure to add plurals as well.

while you didn't ask, watch your crop lines

Sell Art Online
i'm certain this will sell, but you may get a stop in it due to the crop.

back to words, you need more on each on. it doesn't hurt to say the medium. the search has something odd going on for phrases. like if you look up boxed dog, it will look up that phrase first, then see if you have the other words.

using just your name i found 2 of yours. so it must be partly an indexing error.

---Mike Savad


Ruth Seal

4 Years Ago

Thanks all for the info.
All the ones that I have been looking for have been up for quite a while.
Mike, you only found 2 when you searched my name? I'll fix the mastiff.
I have 23 total and added one today. There are several dogs. I'm getting lots of visitors to my Newfoundland Dog, but he doesn't show up on the Newfoundland page. There are only a few of them, and I understand about being at the end of the pile.


Ruth Seal

4 Years Ago

Pam, I don't see, on my profile page the item you mentioned - field marked "medium".
I do other than pastel so I wouldn't have classified myself that way.

Oh, my Newfoundland showed up. Boxer still missing. I haven't checked the others.

Something weird seems to be going on. I went to look for recently added wolf paintings and there were only 3 of them on the first page; all the rest were some vintage paintings of everything but wolves.


Search is for finding art using keywords people have placed on the art page at upload.

So if you wish for the words in your name to be found, they need to be added to the images keywords.

Artists are found using the search for Artists in the Artist Directory but only if they have a profile image attached to their account

There are five reasons images are not found in search

The keywords do not contain the actual word being searched for (including a name which should be searched for in the artists directory, not the art search)
The keywords have not been on the site for over 24 hours
The images have a safe filter on
The images are in password protected galleries
They are past the end page we show for any one search, which is 200

If looking for yourself in the Artists Directory, you need to have had a profile image up for 24 hours or longer

Too much info here but it will help others



Pamela Patch

4 Years Ago

Its ok Ruth, seems I was wrong anyway :-)


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