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Isabella F Abbie Shores

4 Years Ago

New Group Admin Wanted Natural Scenic Landscape And Nature




From the Group Admin group

Groups are not just places to store work but a social area for members to meet like minded people and to hold events and discussions among themselves.

A LOT of groups have just been closed due to administrator inactivity. We would like to make sure that all group admins understand what they are taking on when they look after a group. It is a responsibility some people are not prepared for.


* People should not open groups for just ANY type of art but, instead, all groups should have a theme. We already have an area for all art to be uploaded to, it is called FAA.

* Groups are not meant for personal galleries. You have personal galleries and the Groups are for open membership by other members.

* Make sure your requirements are clearly stated on the front of the group. If all members are submitting unsuitable work then look again at how you have worded things in your group rules.

* Make sure you have time to administer new images at least once a week.

* Do not be afraid to REJECT work. Members will not mind, if you have clearly stated your criteria on the front page of your group.

* Feature artwork by your members on the front page of the group. Members like to feel you care about them and, one way of doing this, is to make sure you feature a certain number of works weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.

* Run contests from the group. Allow your members to have contests between themselves. Suggestions for prizes can be anything from a feature on the front page of the group, to a feature on your blog here at FAA.

* FAA does not approve of monetary requirements to enter a group or a contest. Groups and Contests that do this, or who demand registration on another site, may be closed.

* As Group admins you have the right to remove a member from your group if they break your rules. You also have the right to remove artwork. However it is your responsibility to make sure members of your groups understand your rules so you must have these clearly marked on your front page.

* Do not send emails to your members more than once a week and ALWAYS link to the group in the email.

These are the Guidelines we have at present for running groups. They may be added to as we get suggestions and I will update here and make sure the thread is bumped if I add to it.

Thank you for being a responsible group administrator

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