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Lar Matre

4 Years Ago

Posting Your Creative Work On Facebook Or Instagram?

From: USA Today, Jan 20, 2013

"But here's the thing: Once users' own profiles and pictures start popping up in the search results of people they don't know which will be true for all users who allow their content to be viewed by "friends of friends," or the public at large the experience will make clear an uncomfortable truth about the social network.

That is, even though users feel that they own their profiles and pages, every photo and piece of text they've ever posted on them belong to Facebook.

Facebook even "owns" the knowledge of your interests, which you express every time you click on a "Like" button.
Last month, Facebook told users of its Instagram unit that the pictures they post could be made available to advertisers, which was another way of saying that from now on, they really belong to Facebook, which bought the website last summer for $1 billion. After an uproar, Facebook relented and delayed implementation of those changes until last week, when its new search feature buried that news."

Essentially, Facebook can sell, license or use your work without your permission or any compensation.

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Marcio Faustino

4 Years Ago

You have no idea what google know about you.
Everything you google and click, google knows.


Andrew Fare

4 Years Ago

My supportive wife used to post a lot of my fine art pix on Facebook to maybe get me a few extra sales. Once I heard about the Instagram debacle I politely asked her to take everything down. I just can't trust these guys.


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

I hate to tell any of you this - YOU cannot trust ANYONE - person or corporate being - especially in the US or China - they would sell the dirt off their mothers graves for a few more pennies.


Jeffrey Kolker

4 Years Ago

The key is not post anything you want to retain a modicum of control to any of these sites. Links back to FAA on Facebook..sure, why not. But the actual picture. No....bad idea. Post your family snapshots, pictures of your grand-kids (I've posted probably way to many of those), and such... but not the work wish earns you your paycheck.


Roy, please stop generalising. Seriously. That is a huge insult to most people in the US and China.


Jeffrey Kolker

4 Years Ago

But he's from Florida (a remote part of the US), which by default, means we cannot trust him either. ;) So, does that mean we can trust those from the US and China? But if so, then his statement would be true, and we couldn't. Oh..these flu meds are really kicking in.... I should go sleep now.


Dan Turner

4 Years Ago

"Essentially, Facebook can sell, license or use your work without your permission or any compensation."

Not legally they can't. Little guys are going to roll over and take that as gospel, but if you get someone with deep pockets who will go head to head with the FB legal team the case will be dropped before it goes to court.

Why? Because FB will lose and that sets a legal precedent. It's best for them if they keep that area gray.

FB has no power to change existing copyright law. Their entire case will rest on "you agreed to give up your copyright to us" and that never happened.

From the US government's copyright website:

"A transfer of copyright ownership, other than by operation of law, is not valid unless an instrument of conveyance, or a note or memorandum of the transfer, is in writing and signed by the owner of the rights conveyed or such owner's duly authorized agent."


Michael Hoard

4 Years Ago

Hello Dan, you hit the nail on the nail head. either FB or any other inner net services, the initial draft or copyright laws were written to protect the rights of the creator of the piece of work in question. Good job posting that information for everyone Cheers Michael Hoard


Michael Hoard

4 Years Ago

My Dear Elizabeth, the last time I checked I do think I live in AMERICA and its called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, you nor anyone else can comment otherwise. This is not a political discussion topic but sure looks like you want to create one. And on meds or no meds, for Jeff to call Florida a remote place, if anything your comment is remote. If I where an Art Dealer from Florida I would certainly avoid your gallery. God Bless America, My Country Tis Of Thee, Sweet Land Of Liberty. Cheers Michael Hoard. .


Proud to say, I'm a f/b,linked,you name images, currently, appear but for previously uploads....the world is a simpler place now, and personally, I don't feel the need or desire to be seen there, same for G+, etc etc......still stop in to say hello, but am not feeding the whole concept of promoting myself to sell prints and thereby advertise this or any other site......just happy to be here among long-term friends...( everything being relative,of course,in cyberspace)

Michael....remote? Try Oz !! That's remote.

OK,@Dan......if I own the copyright then how is it legal for a client, with the FAA tool,,to crop my property/image for cards here? Shouldn't I have the only right to crop/resize? Shouldn't I be the arbiter of what is printed?


Jeffrey Kolker

4 Years Ago

um...joking? Not everything should be taken so seriously...geez. Besides, I was responding to a comment that was itself not very nice. You seem to think THAT was ok...:P


Lar Matre

4 Years Ago

Weird, I'm the OP (original poster) here, and I've received no updates that anyone contributed. I'm not sure where to pick up, except mention the somewhat recent (Aug 2012) "decision" made by the FBI after about a 10-year test.


Lar Matre

4 Years Ago

So about The FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Seal Program, here's an overview with all the necessary links (you should check it out):

I read the entire 41 CFR Section 128-1.5009 document.


Theresa Tahara

4 Years Ago

I put my artwork on FB at 800 pxls then plaster my name on top too.


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