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Maggie Vlazny

4 Years Ago

Technical Help & Monopoly

Hi All,

You know the page where we upload our images? For me the URL is
There is a vertical line running through "Do not use file compression" when I upload my pics that line is running
through them as well....

I'm assuming I've pulled the DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200. CARD. (That card comes from
prehistoric times. It was a game called Monopoly, no digital equipment was so fun and you actually spent time in person with the other players, laughing and poking and fighting, and eating chips with onion dip....well...I've obviously digressed here...sorry)

How can I undo the file compression on my images? Thx so much, Maggie/Femina (And do YOU have fond memories of pre-digital gaming??)

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Michelle Calkins

4 Years Ago

Perhaps you should try restarting your computer? I do not have that happening for me. Are you saying that after you upload the image it has a line in it. I just looked through your gallery pages and didn't see any with lines. Can you post an example?


Andee Design

4 Years Ago

The memories are fun. When I was a kid and my great grandmother was alive we played one of those

games...Life or Monopoly...anyway my sister was the banker and would slip her extra money under the

table...My great grandmother would pick it up out of her lap laugh and add it to the rest of her money.

One of the best times we had. We all had fun! (Oh and my GG was in a wheelchair in in her 80's after

a stroke. She was a cool lady. Very creative and had a long running story about 2 dogs...wish we had

written them down they were so good.)


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

Yes, I think it's start over. Hope you saved the original file.


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