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Charles Kozierok

4 Years Ago

Looking For Tips On Facebook Ad Verbiage

Either I suck at writing copy or nobody happens to care about what I have to offer.

My current ad is titled "Amazing Landscape Photos" and the text includes this offer: "Natural beauty by Charles Kozierok. Like my page to get a free computer background image!"

My clickthrough ratio is on the order of the survival rate of a snowball in hell.

I would appreciate tips from people who have Facebook ads that people actually click on, and who get "likes" from them. Thanks!

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Jeffrey Campbell

4 Years Ago


My advert has been running one week and I have 31,000+ impressions. That could get very expensive.


Jeffery Johnson

4 Years Ago

Not sure you may want to check the Facebook ad thread for that question.


Charles Kozierok

4 Years Ago

On Facebook, is it better to optimize for impressions or clicks?


Charles Kozierok

4 Years Ago

Thanks for the replies.


Jeffery Johnson

4 Years Ago

"Stunning Landscapes" and the text includes this offer: "Natural beauty photography by Charles Kozierok. Free Landscape wallpaper when you like my page."


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

just to add my thoughts, i would call it wallpaper because that's what people know it is. but ideally anyone can download it anyway so it's not really a real perk. i would offer a discount code of some kind like 15% so it's harder to add up. there's already so many landscapes it's going to be hard to compete, so it's hard to know what to say there. i don't know how the ads work there, if they allow photos or not, or if you can choose fonts and colors. but it may just be blending in. if they allow pictures, or if you have a facebook page for them to go to, show them the wares you offer. people are visual and have a short attention span. so a picture of a bright color will attract more attention than anything else.

i would leave out the like my page because to be honest, it sounds needy. i might also call it fine art, and not photography, since your selling the product and not just showing a picture.

when i'm in facebook, i ignore the ads that filter through the ad blocker. it might be easier to filter them through a facebook page, but i find i get very few views there. unless you have a funny quote lifted from somewhere, or recipes, facebook i found isn't that great a place to do really much of anything on.

---Mike Savad


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