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Dennis James

4 Years Ago

This Weekend I'm Shooting A Live Figure

I'll be shooting a model this weekend with the lasers and also with lasers in 3D. Interested in how it will work out. I suspect I'll need to use a longer shutter speed to get more area covered. I don't want to use a fill light but I may need too.

Not doing any face shots either because of potential eye damage.

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Josephine Cohn

4 Years Ago

I am fascinated by your process. I also love photographing the properties of light but use natural light only. I would be really interested to learn more about lasers. Do you know how lasers perform in, on or through a body of water? Also using water as a reflective medium - I would think lasers look absolutely wonderful. I must congratulate you on your work. Don't forget to take credit for your amazing creativity!



Dennis James

4 Years Ago

Thank you. The physical properties of light are constant and they are, luminance (brightness), hue (color) and direction. The size of a light source and the distance from the subject will create either softness or harsh shadows but most of these factors chance when using lasers. The luminance and color change little so direction is the pretty much were creativity appears.

Water is only slightly less inert than air so to see the lasers effect you need dirty air or dirty water. You can use water to create a wave frequency to reflect the laser off of but even the altered reflection creates a small intense spot above the wave and a similar but more spread out caustic effect under the water. I've learned it's more effective to alter the surface being illuminated is then what it reflects off.

Try some things and ask any questions you'd like.


Dennis James

4 Years Ago

I finally got a chance to shoot on a figure and so far the results look good. I 6-7 different poses and took about 100+ images from each pose. The images I have done already are 4-7 images combined.

I added a gallery of the images I've done. There will be many more added in the next week.


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