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Gary Bridger

4 Years Ago

Many Questions Asked About What Camera Is Best.

At this time, if your taking photographs for selling art? Then the best of what you can afford, is the best move. Before you do. Some thinking about what your going to use it for. And what subject. However, From My experience to day, The question is, Are you in this for money , to make a living, Or just for fun.
The truth is, Its a lottery.
You may never make any money at all, the fact is, I took commercial photography, made some good money, Digital and the internet seems to have killed it. As so has the mass production of digital cameras. To the point now, I read on the net. The big companies are slowing down, like canon Nikon, and all the other digital companies like apple mac Sony . If its digital and cameras, or I pads I branded. Its come to a point where the market has over flowed,
So many cameras and now the new mirror less.
Oh boy, only time, Its a gold mine out there. Is it worth spending big bucks? No. Not unless your into advertising, or massive prints.
I will not even post what I use now, as I am disappointed with it all. At the end of the day, I used to produce so much better 20 years ago, And make money.
Cameras now have got to the point where there are so many good digital bodies, When one buys one , Its out of date with in a couple of months, or even weeks, In a few years, We can look back on buying second hand.
Any camera that yields 10 to 18 MP is good enough. The lens you buy is more important. How you use it , thatŐs what makes you , you, and reflects in your artistic view,

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Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

"I" use a Nikon D3100 - but - it's really hard to say what camera is "best". Canon makes good cameras also. More important than "the best camera" is KNOWING how to use it and how to take good pictures. BEST - hmmmm - that's surely the personal opinion of many. There are "better" Nikon's than the one I have. but - I'm willing to put some of my photo's against anyone else's photo's. Getting the photo right is more important than the camera you shoot it with. composition, lighting, etc.


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

Thank you for your honest post. You're right - it depends what you want out of it. You want to make money - stand in line.
Professional photographers need an excellent camera to make their living. For many others it can be the personal satisfaction of getting a few really great shots.
Art is is the eye, techniques can always be learned - but it is not about " Oh, let me buy this camera because everyone is doing this....& I can be be great like them."

Sorry for your dissapointment - I'm still trying to figure out ; "Who moved my cheese ....? "


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

As things have changed so first thought is " Dang ! What editing software do they use....."

As a painter it causes me more than a bit of anguish to witness the work of all the "painting" effects on photographs.

Just take a photo of any ole' crusty mailbox, run it through a painting program & punch up the colors.
What would take me as an artist to - Pick my subject, photograph in season, compose (several photos together) , & then actually hands on work- pains taking details- for many hours- can now be done in minutes.

Yeah, I'm a wee bit envious.


Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

Commercial photography shouldn't be affected by the internet. That's stuff that is specific to the client. If you want a quality set of pictures of your cement plant for the anuual statement you are not going to pull something off the internet or get your cousin to do it with the camera he got at christmas, you'll hire a pro. depends a little...I love my Rebel XT, but it just doesn't produce very large images. After years of fits and starts and selling via some other outlets that don't usually need large scale images, I've found FAA. And now I've looked at newer bodies. And..well...I'm not sure if my XT's gonna cut it. I was originally stalking a few new L lenses to replace lesser Sigma and Canon lenses we use (I use a Sigma, Mike uses a Canon telephoto because he's the wildlife shooter). Now I'm pondering replacing my XT with a T3I and of course, if *I* get a new toy he will need one, so his 30D will get upped to a 60D. Maybe. Now if the nearly impossible happened and we made a few sales here already (yeah, I know, we just joined and haven't even begun to consider promoting yet, rather it's a building stage to get art listed) that would probably help propel me to deciding to buy. Of course, if you have a reasonably new body in good shape that CAN shoot decent sized images, and you have money to spend, glass is the way to go..imo..and the best glass and body in the world won't do anything if you can't point them at the right subject and set them the right way. But that's true of any art really. The best canvas and brushes a pro painter won't make.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

the camera makes little difference as long as it's clean and sharp. it's the person behind that camera that makes a difference.

---Mike Savad


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