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Chester Williams

4 Years Ago

World Folklore Photographers Association?????

Anyone else received this:

Alex Wong

Invitation for Humanity Photo Awards2013

Hi, my name is Alex. I want to invite you to participate in HPA2013 (Humanity Photo Awards), a photography contest co-held by the CFPA and UNESCO. This every-two-year event, joined by professional and amateur photographers, draws world-wide attention and attracts thousands of participants from around the globe. Come and join us to make your own contribution to the record and protection of the human folklore culture. BTW, it's entry free. You can go to to find more or you can contact me via if you are interested.

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Chester Williams

4 Years Ago

This is the link to their site.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

they say it's free in the note, i wonder what the catch is - unless your giving them photos or something. or maybe they harvest your organs. i'm suspicious that it goes to a chinese site first, though that may be prejudice brought on by all those chinese places stealing our work.

this is what it reads on the page:

The 8th HPA has run 113 days ever since September 16, 2012. Living through primeval ups and downs, the web portal works smoothly and the number of HPA entrants is ceaselessly crowding into this contest. The population entering the competition has been up to 1500 from some 100 countries.

The time span from today to the deadline, April 15, 2013, is an entire 100-day. At this meaningful and memorable time, we will share some useful information with you for your participation in HPA without any hitch and for raising the bar for your theoretical and practical knowledge.

For the time being, there are still problems concerning registration and uploading to notify all participants:

1. Upload your photos via the Official Website:

2. Each set should consist of 8 - 14 photos. Each entrant is allowed to submitted no more than 3 sets. Photos must be uploaded with .jpg format, size between 1MB and 5MB.

3. Photos and captions were not allowed to bear entrants’names and relevant information. The photos should not be with the captions and the borders.

According to the previous HPAs, in the second half of the 8th HPA, the uploading work will be dense. To avoid this peak time, you should upload your photos as early as possible.

If you meet with any problems about submitting your photos, please refer to the “HELP” in the homepage or feel free to contact us: Tel: +8610 6225 2175; E-mail:

Hereby, we congratulate beforehand that everyone could get a better result in HPA 2013. Our HPA is open to all people regardless of what your citizenship, nationality, age, gender, and specialty. As long as your photos is uploaded by set (8-14photos) and recording the folkloric phenomena, you can participate in HPA 2013. Just have faith and then opportunity.

Members of 8th HPA

January 6, 2013

they say it's the 8th year since 2012? go on to say that you should upload some 14 pictures. they don't mention what you get for doing this other than it goes to china. under the contest portion you might get $2000 as a top prize.

usually there is a terms of service as to what happens if you don't win, what happens to your images. one guy came and left a post about a ny contest, where you couldn't watermark it in any way, and it said that they can use those images any way they like - even if you don't win. this sounds like one of those contests.

---Mike Savad


Chester Williams

4 Years Ago

Sounds fishy to me..connections to China may mean your images may disappear into the unknown!


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