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Wendell Ducharme Jr

4 Years Ago

Looking For Your Opinions.

I have not been on the site for to long and was just interested in what others opinions were of my small yet growing Fine arts portfolio. I would like to see if others believe My work to be of interest. So if you have time to look at my work and rip it apart or praise it I am open for your opinions. Thank You very much for your time and hope all is well. Wendell

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Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

Hi Wendell, I am not a photographer so I can not critique your work. As someone viewing and enjoying your photos I can tell you what I'd like to see.....Sell Art OnlineI would love to see this piece with a dark blue brooding sky.The Tower's presence is very powerful .


Wendell Ducharme Jr

4 Years Ago

Thank you Janine for taking time to share your advice. This was a fun piece and I agree the tower is powerful as for the dark blue I am going to have to give that a try in the A.M. and see how it works out... even the original is a lighter blue sky. Thank you again for your time.


Patricia Strand

4 Years Ago

Wendell, your sunset images are quite beautiful. This one is my favorite:

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Rich Franco

4 Years Ago


I think some of your images are good, but not processed to their best potential. Many seem dark and lack contrast and/or saturation. I would suggest that you re-edit some of the images and see how you like them. There are many photographers as good as you or better here, and the advantage they might have, is in the processing, not the vision.

Here's my small group:



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