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Leah Saulnier The Painting Maniac

4 Years Ago

Painting Is Like A Drug Addiction I Am Thinking

I can't seem to take a break from painting! People I meet think I am new to painting since I am so passionate and excited about it all the time like a new found toy. But I am not new to it just excited and passionate all the time and can't seem to take a break ever! I always come up with some excuse why I need to do the next one then I'll want to take a break and I never do. But realistically I need a break ,I want to do some gardening this spring. But find it hard to pull myself away from art. I am so passionate about ideas, history,color etc.. By the way I never have taken any form of drugs so I don't know if it is really the same feeling just made me think it might be.
I finished this one last week on Mark Twain "Mississippi Sam"
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I can see why now I got the nick name the painting maniac by friends

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Robert James Hacunda

4 Years Ago

I wish I could keep up with you. I'm productive when I paint but I have so much other work to do that doesn't pay always pulling me away,We have a lot of land and buildings that need attention... Breaks are good though, you come back with new perspective.. visiting museums is also very good to refresh yourself...


funny I thought of volunteering at the local art museum just to talk art with people lol, see! I can't stop! I have a lot of land also that needs attention, hopefully I can take a break spring to replant some things and clear out sheds.


David Larsen

4 Years Ago

I was painting, painting, painting through December, but took the whole month of January off. I just ran out of ideas and had to take a break. I might start painting again next week.

I say if you are motivated, keep on painting.


Robert James Hacunda

4 Years Ago

btw, I've had addictions, they are no fun and destroy not create


Sheena Pike

4 Years Ago

Art in general is my drug of choice.....lovely work.


robert good insight, David but I really could use a break and been saying that for years now and never can do so. Trying really hard to at least take a family day here and there which had been hard in the past also. Sheena TY and I hear ya


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

some people like to sniff markers.

---Mike Savad


lol Mike, I guess or oil paints


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

I seem to be addicted to ..... well, being addicted.

I find the gardens to be a very good balance in getting a break & refreshing the spirit.
A fun easy to do mini break for you would be to go window shopping & sight seeing. Pick areas that are unfamiliar to you, & perhaps a few sights that you think you really wouldn't have an interest in - like a car show maybe. Husband will be happy - & you will get a chance to see things with a fresh new eye.


Jean Moore

4 Years Ago

Oh I know exactly what you mean. I made a resolution to market the work I had before making new art. That took all of two weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm still heavily into marketing my work but I did just upload three new works tonight. You don't want to know how many sketches I've done in the sketchbook. I'd say I'm addicted.

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good advice Janine, it's funny though I am into cars more than he is sometimes, i paint them and study them and always have had a passion for the form of vintage cars, but I should take more day trips around here


that's great Jean, wonderful piece. I should use a sketch book more. never do. Always straight to canvas and beginning to end within a few days, I should take my time more with some needed breaks DURING a piece


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