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For Ninety One Days

4 Years Ago

Interesting Concept To Travel The World And Making A Living

Hello Forum.

I just recently signed up for the Fine Art, basically to do a self purchase for family but love the idea of selling my art work. I keep saying: I take so many photos during our travels I have to do something with it. So even though I haven't sold anything yet I love the idea having it available for our readers.

With the post I want to maybe inspire some other members.

We are two travel bloggers who started to to travel the world 91 days at a time. We have been now to these places:

Savannaha, Georgia
Buenos Aires
Palermo, Sicily
Sri Lanka

and our next stop will be Istanbul.

As you can imagine during our travels I'm taking tons of photos.

They are all on our blog:

Now I'm going to share with you have we can make a living while traveling the world.

Everything started with this site: It's over 8 years old now but it gave us some freedom to work on other pages. Like: and just recently published:

With the income of these pages and the occasional photo job I received we thought 2 1/2 why not travel the world. And chose the concept for 3 month because of most visas will last 91 days and we need a fixed place to stay with a good internet connection. So we can day our "day" jobs.

The traveling now lead to also 7 published travel books on Amazon: We sell about 2 of them a day.

And I submitted now couple of my photos to stock image agencies. But I have no results from them yet.

We are all over the place, little seeds planted in the past but everything is slowly coming together now that we can actually live our dream.

What is your dream?

Got any question? Please do ask..we are happy to share!

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Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

Looks like you're trying to get click-through earnings from those sites. Why not link kritiker to Amazon to try and get some commissions?
Have you signed up with Shutterstock for stock photo sales? My referral link is - they are the most lucrative of the microstock sites (but it's not easy to get approved).

Good luck - and keep having fun!


For Ninety One Days

4 Years Ago

Hello Paul,

I already signed up with Shutterstock .. and uploaded my first 10 images. So let's see if they are going to approve us.

Well, to the FreeBook Sifter site... we are getting tons and tons of traffic and without the one in a while commission on Amazon we would loose money. Again ... we don't get commission of something which costs zero.


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