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Michael And Heather Allen

4 Years Ago

Let's Talk Websites

I'm curious to know how many folks mantain their own URL and if you do, do you just point it to your artswebsite here, or have you used the feature to integrate the shopping cart onto the site? We have an existing URL, but it points to a site on another POD at the moment. That URL is under a pseudonym, rather than our names. I'm thinking we might get a URL that's centered for lack of a better phrase, for the art here and leave that well enough alone. We've got to decide on one and register it. I'm pondering whether to take the easy route and just redirect, or look into how to integrate the cart. Mike has HTML/coding experiance having built sites for us before using XCart (and if you can make heads and tails of THAT mess of a program, you're getting somewhere-it gave me angst, lol) so it might behoove us to use the cart so we can build SEO. Of course, I don't know how customizable it is until we try.

So I thought I'd see what others have done, why, and what they thought of it.

What say you, fellow sellers of art?

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i have a website it's a tutorial site designed to funnel people into my zazzle store. every now and then i get a hit, they come here too. but originally i got the site so if i changed pod's i could just redirect people. but right now i bought the name which comes here doing the same thing. but it's a good idea to have a site anyway, i think i get my money from it. it's hard to tell because the only way to judge if i got a sale from there is if i get a referral. and for some reason it doesn't work half the time unless it's internal.

---Mike Savad


Heather Applegate

4 Years Ago

I have my own - mostly geared toward my people photography -
But I have a link in the main menu to my AW. I have gotten print sales from people I've photographed.


Camille Lopez

4 Years Ago

I also have my own site ,built it long before I got on here,but I do have a link directing folks here


Jeffrey Kolker

4 Years Ago

I have my own site. I use my AW site as my shopping cart, but I have my own site just in case something happens to AW, or I decide to do something else. Seems safer... in case you are curious...


I think it's better to have a memorable web address. I like the idea of the AW, but the addresses are clunky and people aren't likely to remember them. If someone asks for your website, they'll probably remember a standard url, but all the .'s and such, they won't.


Kay Pickens

4 Years Ago

I have my own website . I have a link on the menu bar that says Fine Art Sales that leads to my artistwebsite. I do a lot of food photography and some portrait work, so my blog showcases all of that. I like control. I'd hate to have someone else have total control over presenting my art. Like if their server stays down for a long time or whatever. I've only been here a month or so, but I do get traffic from my blog to this site.


Loretta Luglio

4 Years Ago

I have my own website geared towards selling my originals and commission work.


Crystal Wightman

4 Years Ago

I have my own site had it for years. Made my own gallery, then was a member to zenfolio, and now its made thru wordpress and link to FAA. I do have the artistswebsite from FAA, but I will never close down my site, no matter how I am displaying my photos.


Andrew Pacheco

4 Years Ago

I have my domain name/url re-direct to my artist website. I don't currently have my own website, but the people friendly apachecophotos is easier to tell people about than the long artist website url.

If I decide to have my own site I'll just link to my artist website as others have done.


Tony Weatherman

4 Years Ago

I have my own site:

Nebraska Fine Art

I also have a shopping cart run by Pay Pal. Free to use it until you need it.


I have a few other sites is an art magazine and I add images all the time from other artists is my personal blog and I am building that up. Once Sean finishes the new cart I will be adding that to the site there

At the moment I am directing my personal art domain


Chuck Staley

4 Years Ago

I have my own site, but then I also create individual pages. If someone is directed to a particular page, there's no evident link to the other pages. Examples: This is the page I show galleries when approaching them for shows, etc. This is a link that I use on Craigslist to sell gyclees I print myself. This link shows my "Ladies of Rodeo Drive" collection. By clicking on the individual artwork, it takes you to that piece on FAA artists' website.


J L Meadows

4 Years Ago



New cart? Any ETA on it, and what it will be like?

I'm more inclined to integrate a cart onto our own URL rather than redirect, but if there's a new one in the works (I honestly don't know that there's an existing one, or the note about integrating a cart refered to the one being developed) I'll redirect for now and wait :)


Chuck De La Rosa

4 Years Ago

I have a domain that just redirects to my AW site. Nothing clunky for anyone to remember except for my name of course.


LOL it is the same premium cart in Behind the Scenes | Premium Features BUT with upgrades


Kerri Mortenson

4 Years Ago

I have my own site with a tab that redirects to AW, but I also have a tab that redirects to my books on Amazon. I've been slowly adding to and building the site.


Nicholas Evans

4 Years Ago

I have my own as well: - It is my main business front for anything that I do for income.


I use a redirect for my artistwebsites, too --

I've had it that domain for years, and have pointed to several different sites during that time -- most recently, FAA.

I know I don't really want the hassle of maintaining a personal site -- I just want potential buyers to be able to find me, no matter how (or through whom) I'm showing and selling my work. I also have my blog and other sites under,,, all of which are cross-linked. That's a system that has worked well for making me easy to find online.

Recently, I've thought about setting up a standalone site (through Weebly maybe) and trying the FAA cart with that. Some days, though, that just sounds like too much of the type of work I least enjoy.

Heather, if you guys decide to try the cart/site, I'd be interested in hearing how that works out for you.

Good luck!


Thanks Beth! Do you know if the upgrades will be like "patches" for the current one (so if we decide to just jump in and use the current one, we can just upgrade it when the new one comes out with an additional download)?

Mike is going to kill me when I tell him he has another new project, lol. I elected him webmaster a few years ago, as well as accountant.

Looks like most went with thier name as their URL, although with two of us we might need to decide on abbreviation or using part of our LLC What led you to choose your url name?


I believe he is just upgrading the one we have. At present it does not contain everything and is not as responsive as it could be.

So I do not think anyone will need to change anything if they already have the cart up


Marcio Faustino

4 Years Ago

My own website where I used to sell photoshoots and now I am changing to sell traditional prints. I have a link to my faa shop there so I only have to advertise my main site that everything in there will be advertise together.

If it is off it is because the changes I am making:


Darice Machel McGuire

4 Years Ago

I have my own.....well that is until I redirected it to my aw site. My site was stagnant and hadn't been updated in over a year. My honey created the site for me and did all the updating on it. But he got way to busy to keep up with me.....I mean it LOL. And I also wanted more from it. Like a blog, newsletters, shopping cart....etc. I looked into Weebly and wix as an replacement. I run my art school website through Weebly and have really done a lot on it. But recreating my website was proving to be a bit to frustrating and time consuming until it hit me about two weeks ago that my aw site had everything I wanted and it was already in place with all my images. So we just redirected my URL to it.


Paul Gulliver

4 Years Ago

I have 2 other sites at the moment, one I've had for years just as a general gallery and the other I sell from and is hosted by Zenfolio
I'm not sure if I will be keeping the Zenfolio site much longer, rather expensive and not very profitable, I just have to build this one up first - only been here a few weeks.


Amy Scholten

4 Years Ago

I have a small publishing company and use one page to sell my original artwork and direct others here to buy prints:


Growhoo Labs

4 Years Ago

Marketing Campaigns for Fine art america Artists.

To Join for Free, visit:


Ok, after looks like you don't really scrape and use the cart on your own URL. Rather, you still have to redirect the traffic to the cart url here. Am I correct?


Yew Kwang

4 Years Ago

I have a website for my photography services which also link to my artist website:


Never heard of iFrame. I have a new thing to learn about!

Thanks again Beth, you rock!

I was going to have Mike hand build the site with the images and descriptions (for SEO dontcha know) below them and then links to each image in the cart below that. Sounds like iFrame might be easier. My main goals are putting descriptions on the gallery pages for each item that are different than the individual images for SEO and having a good solid statcounter on each page so I can track traffic and see where people are coming from/how they are finding us.


I am working on mine now as we speak

It looks pretty awful just now as I am in the middle of it, but you can see what I mean by iframed and how it fits the site it is on


Christoph Caina

4 Years Ago

i also have my own website...
but this doesn't reffer to my FAA profile right now... just with a little link in the footer.

One point for this is, i'm new to FAA and just want to have a look around here first - the other point is, that i'm showing also photos on my website, that aren't available here.
Maybe, i will link my FAA-Profile to my site one day... but this depends on different things :)

if you are interested:


Georgiana Romanovna

4 Years Ago

I have my own website but direct link to my AW here on many images. I like the ability to maintain autonomy of my own site to use with clients as well as giving options as to where they wish to purchase - my own site also has a blog and hidden galleries of clients images. It works well for me.


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