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Ausra Huntington nee Paulauskaite

4 Years Ago

Images Not Accapted By Auto Ban


I tried to add a couple photos to this group today via "My Group Images> Non Group Images" tab

Here is the RED warning I got:

This group only allows 2 image additions per day. You have added 0 images within the past 24 hours and are now trying to add 2 more. Please wait 24 hours before trying to add new images.

As you see from the text above I added ZERO within past 24 hrs and still can't add 2 ones which are within group limits...

That's a weird situation.

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Tracy Hall

4 Years Ago

People are still adding more than 2 a day to my group and I just delete them, I'm gonna change the limit to one a day now


Tracy, it won't change the attitude of some people who do not respect hosts. Sadly. And, of course, some are doing that NOT on purpose. Some are more used to 3 a day limit, or simply forget.

The problem about too many images is being discussed in one of FAA forums now. There is a glich in new limit system which they are trying to fix, and disrespectful people are trying to use while it's available.

By the way, THANKS for taking this group over. That's brave of you :-) This group has such a wide subject and so many images. I bet it's hard to manage.


I tried to resubmit images one by one. The first was sent to pending folder. I'm not adding the second since you want to change a limit to 1.


Tracy Hall

4 Years Ago

People still find a way around it, I deleted a member for posting 8 images today


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