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4 Years Ago

3 A Day Art Promotions

I like this idea from Donna Van Vlack's group, "Let's All Participate". Let's give it a try.


Here are the rules:
1) You must participate in order to post your 3 links.
2) We vote on all 3 links per box above us and only comment on 1 per box.
3) Then post 3 links you would like promoted. Only 1 set of 3 submissions per Artist per day.
4) Everyone does this who participates in this thread. This will up our views and votes tremendously if we all participate.
5) If you are new to this thread, at least go back 24 hours worth of postings and vote.

To post a link: (works better with two windows open: one to the thread and the other to the art.

1) Open the window with the piece of art
2) Highlight and copy (CTRL C) the URL which is at the top of your page in your browser
3) Come back to the thread and paste (CTRL V) the link

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William Patrick

4 Years Ago



4 Years Ago

Joan, You have the rule right



As Stated per rules. If you are new to this thread, at least go back 24 hours worth of postings and vote.


Joan Carroll

4 Years Ago

Karen, my understanding is that you vote for everyone's images when the system lets you, and comment on at least one per person, not just for the one person above you. I may be mistaken, but that's how I read it.


Anne Lacy

4 Years Ago

....sorry links not coming through right............


Big Skip

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Perfect Lisa thank you for explaining so others can understand. : )

Caught up


Linda Whiteside

4 Years Ago

all caught up ;) I did everyone above and below my links ;)


Lisa Bentley

4 Years Ago

All done, I voted on all the images above and below my 3 links I posted earlier and commented on one from each artist posting 3 links. Hope I did it correctly Aimee. This is my marker for the end of my day.


Ellen Levinson

4 Years Ago

All caught up.


CMG Design Studios

4 Years Ago

Are we supposed to do every post? Or just the person above?

Never mind....


Elena Nosyreva

4 Years Ago



All caught up too!


Just to be clear we have to vote on ALL works above us and leave one comment per 3 links of each artists postings


I will start us off. I posted 3 links, comment on 1 and vote for all 3. The next person will do this and then post 3 links. Then the next will do this on all above them, then post their 3 links. Each day we can post another set of 3 links as long as we voted for all above us, where we left off. When I come back tomorrow I will vote for all that are after my posting today. E-mail me if you have any questions.


This discussion is closed.

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