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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

I've Always Wondered

at the bottom of the images pages there is a strip of numbers at the very bottom under the tags - what are those numbers?

---Mike Savad

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Marianna Mills

4 Years Ago

Now you made me wonder too...they looks so important.


Jim Sauchyn

4 Years Ago

I always figured they were numbers to use in the lottery so I've been using them for months...


Chuck Staley

4 Years Ago

Quiet day, huh, Mike?


Allen Beatty

4 Years Ago

I never noticed them before and now I'd like to know also.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i've seen it there since i began. i always thought it was a long ip address or something, but now i just want to know. i'm sure it's a stat of some kind.

---Mike Savad


Greg Jackson

4 Years Ago

Just a wild guess, but looking at them, starting at image #1 then clicking through some of mine in sequential order, the numbers may/might/maybe have something to do with the numerical placement of the images on the pages. That would be my S.W.A.G. (Scientific Wild _ss Guess) ;)


Jeffrey Kolker

4 Years Ago

I think it's some kind of statistics..of what, not sure. But if you load an image, look at the number. Push the refresh button on the browser, and the numbers will change somewhat.


Conor Murphy

4 Years Ago

It's a mystery like the immaculate conception, just don't ask Mike...........


Robert Kernodle

4 Years Ago

Here's what's under one of my image tag list:

Web03 - 0.00 - 0.00 - 0.01 - 0.01 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.04 - 0.04 - 0.04 - 0.06

... and just randomly choosing another of my images, here's another:

Web03 - 0.00 - 0.00 - 0.01 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.02 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.03 - 0.04 - 0.04 - 0.05 - 0.05

I see that these sequences are not quite the same.

The mystery continues.

Oh, ... now I know ... they are codes that will enable aliens from any part of the universe to know who I was as an artist.


Jeffrey Kolker

4 Years Ago

The numbers will change for each image if you refresh.

Mine said Web04 - maybe that is the server the images are located on.


Jeffrey Campbell

4 Years Ago

They are considered usage statistics for web hosting.


Deborah Smolinske

4 Years Ago

It looks to me like a measure of how long it takes for the image to make it from FAA's servers to your screen. If you do a traceroute, you get a similar kind of thing, where the hops start taking a little longer and little longer until the packet makes it from the start of the route to the end of the route.


Odd Jeppesen

4 Years Ago

Good question. Yep, good question.


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