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Fernando Soler

4 Years Ago


I am having a hard time finding information on what the site charges for selling my work. How does this thing work and is anyone making money from it.

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

you add the price, they mark that up with their amount.

if you want $100, enter that much in the box. the buyer will see your $100, plus the site's $50 markup, and pay the amount. you get your share.

and yes plenty of people make money at, i'm one of them. however you have to advertise yourself and post your best work.

---Mike Savad


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

if you want to sell these images as print on demand items - make sure you crop them clean to the edges, and don't include the frames. i personally don't sell originals so i don't know how well they sell, but you will want more keywords than you have.

---Mike Savad


Kylani Arrington

4 Years Ago


You set your own prices for selling your work. The site doesn't charge you anything to use their services unless you have a premium account which is an annual fee of $35.


Andee Design

4 Years Ago

You can have a free account and offer up to 25 pieces. Or for 30 a year you can offer to sell all you want.


The prices are a collaboration of

1. What you put in your markup. That is what you will actually earn for a sale
2. Plus $5 up to $50 markup and then +10% for anything above that
3. Plus Our Printing costs

Here is a basic price list

When you are logged in, you are seeing the base price of the art. This means, the price YOU would pay if you wanted to buy a copy for yourself.

When you click on that you can see the breakdown.

Logged out you would just see the customers price and not your own.

Hope this helps

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Fernando Soler

4 Years Ago

Thanks everyone for your advise.


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