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Michel Soucy

4 Years Ago

Internet Speeds In The News...

*Might* explain why some are experiencing difficulties:

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

it probably explains why google and youtube has been having delays. been having problems with them on and off for like 2-3 weeks now.

---Mike Savad


MM Anderson

4 Years Ago

My internet has been messed up since last fall but I blame Time Warner Cable. Unfortunately, they are the only game in town around here.


John Ayo

4 Years Ago

I hear an undersea cable to Egypt was cut too.,2817,2417173,00.asp


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

Yes, so much for "competition". instead of one big monopoly - we have a bunch of smaller monopolies - there is no real competition in any of this. OH - well - you can have dish or comcast, but that's it. but with dish you get no internet, or if you do - you are subject, around here, to being out when we have real heavy thunderstorms and cloud cover. And what you get with the regional monopolies is less service and higher cost. My electric is from a coop - right across the street it's Florida Power - and that's about the only place they meet - it's not competition - except by the local governments as they slice the pie for their share.


Judy Kay

4 Years Ago

The hard part is that when you have these disruptions, it is difficult to discern if it is a network problem, virus issue, or if your pc is defunct. So many times I have been prepared to ditch my computer and buy a new one when it locks up or slows down...yet the next day it is humming and perfectly normal.


John Ayo

4 Years Ago

Often your DSL or cable modem will have a web interface where you can see its connection status. That's clarified things for me many times. Having two computers, two phones, a Kindle, and a Roku box on the home network helps too; if they're all cut off, it's the router or outward.


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