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Sara Raber

4 Years Ago

Check Out The Free Photography Contests At View Bug

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Dan Carmichael

4 Years Ago

I did NOT view any of the contest. However, a reminder and a warning for people would be appropriate here.

If you enter any contest, take the time to view and understand the terms of the contest.

Many contests nowadays, even when sponsored by known and trusted people / corporations, are what some term "rights grabs".

A key rule to look for would be that any image submitted to the contest can be used....

And that would mean any image you submit, even if you did not win, might be approved for any use they want to put it to.

Either way, read the rules and terms and decide for yourself.


Sara Raber

4 Years Ago

Very True Dan. It is important to look over things thoroughly. Thanks for your comments. Helpful.


Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

And since. Rights grabs have come up, I would add that you should also be cautious about sending pictures to CNN, BBC and other news sites that might sell them and keep all the cash.


Dean Harte

4 Years Ago

Checked out some of the competitions and the ones I saw did say 'You maintain the rights to all of your submissions'. Not sure if there is any other small print though. Like other posters have already mentioned: be wary of images harvesting scams under the guise of competitions. Great idea if you think about: you give away a $300 tripod and exchange get thousands of images you can then pimp out to your heart's extent.


Adam Jewell

4 Years Ago

Unless a photo contest is being held in a physical gallery with no online exposure whatsoever, most of those contests have to have what seem like kinda scary legal terms. Generally you have to give them an irrevocable and often perpetual right to display and use the images and on and on and on. If they don't put that in there, then they can probably get sued if they post images online (where someone will probably copy them), on any Facebook page where thousands of people may share them. Even Nat Geo Traveler terms seem pretty ugly. About the best someone participating can hope for is to keep the copyright, to limit image use to activities related to the contest and not agree to permit the contest holder to sell the images unless it is a rev share with the photographer.

IMHO, most reputable photo contests are not out to screw you and steal your images. Given that most any photo contest has terms that seem a bit scary, skip anything that doesn't have a pretty significant prize or offer some really good exposure unless you don't care what happens to the photo. There should be a recognizable company behind it that could be anything from National Geographic to Smithsonian to Nikon, Canon or even La Mer Skin Care products but even then look at any entry costs, competition & prize. Nat Geo Traveler is probably a HUGE money maker for Nat Geo (and a complete waste of money for any photographer who does not have an absolutely spectacular photo) at $15.00 per image with virtually nothing in terms of prizes considering the competition and the insane amount of money generated by that contest.


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