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David Thwaites

4 Years Ago

Time Away To Think

The last time i spent a real amount amount of time on FAA i ended up in a disagreement with another artist and went away from FAA to take some time off and thought about what was said to me and had a long look at my drawing and thought to my self "could it be that that they just are not good enough?"

After a while of going through it in my head i ended up coming to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if people like my drawings but i do need to improve my skills, started to find a new way for me to draw, tried different methods and found a way to combined them while still putting my own feelings and spin on to the drawings.

well i finally got it and have drawn something that is on a completely different level from the stuff i have drawn in the past :)

in the next couple of days i will be up loading 4 drawing that where the stepping stones for me to get to where i am now.

I would also like to hear about any steps you took better your drawing skills see if the is any more ways i can keep moving forwards.

Thanks for reading this

David Thwaites

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Hang in there David and don't let these people get to you! The main thing is that you are happy with your style of work.


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

Good for you . It is always good to challenge & refresh your skills.
I no longer draw ( mostly loose sketcherly sketches) but if I did I think I would pick up books in other's styles that I admire.
I took last winter off from painting - & read every watercolor book that I could get my hands on to remind myself of the basics.. It was hard not to paint, but I picked up quite a few skills along the way.

Looking forward to seeing your new work.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

the one thing you have to learn about being an artist:

no one else matters but what you think. whether they think it's good or bad, whether i think it's good or bad - it only matters what you think. every artist needs to have a thick skin because there are always many people that will put it down in some way, whether they were trying to be constructive or not. the only thing that matters is, improving yourself because you see you need it. always trying to push the boundaries and trying something new. i try to do that always.

---Mike Savad


David Thwaites

4 Years Ago

thanks every one and i'm glad it worked for the better really cause i have improved a lot now and it almost like i have taken a completely new style and its nice to see that even though my new drawing are so different i managed to keep that bit of me in them.

thanks for the kind words

David Thwaites


Victor Montgomery

4 Years Ago

You don't have to prove anything to anyone else but yourself....keep up the good work!


Cynthia Snider

4 Years Ago

Hi David, it's hard for us sensitive Artsi Fartsi types not to take things personally. Try not to though, people can be such idiots sometimes!

I'm about 100 years older than you and have been drawing all my life, self taught. I didn't really take any steps, I just drew a lot. Now days with the internet you can go on things like Youtube and get inspired.

Have fun with it my friend and keep up the good work!


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

David - the only thing you need to work on is developing your own style. Finding your strengths & expertise takes some time. Ultimately what you want is your work to be immediately identifiable as yours - that is your "Brand". You're young, you will continue to grow in style, & you may be surprised the many directions & paths that you take.
Critiques can be ouchy - but that is ok if it made you become your best.


Ann Powell

4 Years Ago

My advice would be to take as many classes, or workshops as you have time for , or can afford. Whether it is at a local community art center,community college, or whatever. A lot can be learned online, and from books as well. But hands on with an instructor is the best in my opinion because of the feed back you can get. Going to museums and galleries as much as you can is also a good step in the learning process. Hang in there. I am always learning and striving to improve, you don't ever want to stop seeking.



4 Years Ago

Hey David, your still young, and never stop to experiment and learn new things. And never let anybody put you down.
Sometimes from this bad experiences we get our inspirations. And improve where we are usually weak.
You say your colour blind, dont forget Bethooven is deaf and became a gifted great artist.So just focus on your goals ok.
Good luck.


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

'Tis best for the soul to take some time - think and rethink - then practice practice practice until you are certain you have it down the way you want it. We all like our egos to be patted - but sometimes we must pat ourselves on the back.


Dean Harte

4 Years Ago

Hi David,

Im currently going through something similar with my photography and command you for your wise decision. FAA can often seem like a race with the aim of getting up as many works as possible. In the end, an increased focus on quality will pay off though. Acknowledging to oneself that one is not quite where one wants to be artistically is very difficult, but it is also indicative of a willingness to grow.

Since Im not a painter I cant really comment on how to improve your skills. Practice and the ability for self-criticism, being able to look at a work and determining what you like and what needs improvement are critical. So is allowing yourself to be inspired. Ive been going more to museums to gasp at masterpieces and spend time reading biographies of people who I admire.

Instead of racing off to get as much work online as possible, I have started culling older work, critically looking at it and deleting it. Im trying to look at my portfolio as my curriculum vitae. One or two truly impressive entries are worth more than 50 or a 100 mediocre ones.

Ive also tried to distance myself a bit of the commercial side of things. I started photography because I liked it and its nice if I can make some money. But it should not compromise my artistic vision up to the point where Im shooting based on commercial viability instead of the urge to express myself artistically.

Think carefully about why you are doing what you do. Never loose track of the fun element or that sensation you get when you have produced something fantastic.


Phyllis Wolf

4 Years Ago

@ David

There are wounded people around who take their pain and anger out on others and who would like to unload their burdens onto someone else. Never carry their load for them. Discard what they said because it belongs to them, not you... and keep moving forward on your own path. There are also some who are competitive in a bad sportsmanship way and will lie, cheat, steal and do anything to "win"...and they will try to hurt others in the race in any way they can to knock out as much competition as they can.( They pay a heavy price in the long run when they lose all integrity and have no ethics left). In a sense the ones who will hurt their "competition" ( as they see this case, other artists) have some similarity to the marathon attacking and hurting, maiming, even killing...those that don't agree with them or they feel are in their way. Those 2 men inflicted as much damage as they could with bombs...some people try to inflict damage with words and by other ways. Damage is damage..just to varying degrees.
You did the right thing. You remembered that whatever doesn't kill you, let it serve to make you stronger. Keep striving and following your own path and keep hold of whats truly important along the way.


Harold Shull

4 Years Ago

David, I am still learning how to draw and I have been drawing for 62 years. I started to draw when I was 9 years old and I have never stopped. To learn how to draw first one has to learn how to live. The best way to learn how to draw is to observe what's around you with a very critical eye. An artist should have more than one life but that's just wishful thinking. As everybody has said before me, stop worrying about what others think of your art and start worrying about what you think of your art. That in itself is a full time job.


Home Art

4 Years Ago

David, I think that we learn till we die, so look at this as a opportunity - sure you were hurt, because of the criticism, but that made you think and try harder and practice and discover whole new range of creativity. I think art is a process, it can take you a while to discover your true style and I think that deep inside you know if you are satisfied where you are now, or you still want to improve your skills. But the main point here is that you are improving, you are trying and practising to get better and better. You sure know if one criticism is positive for your growth, or it is just some personal issue with no strong arguments.
I congratulate you because you didn't give up! Many people does not understand that talent goes along with work, I wish you the best.


David Thwaites

4 Years Ago

thank you every one for all you kind words and support my new drawings have just been uploaded and i would love to hear what you think of them.

Sell Art Online

David Thwaites


Cynthia Snider

4 Years Ago

Hi again David, I think your drawings are good. The proportions are there and the shadowing is good, maybe just some fine tuning.

If you want some tips look up these two drawing teachers. Darrel Tank- 5 Pencil Method , or , Betty Edwards- Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Glad to see you're sticking with it!


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

Hi David. Your eyes now have so much more depth, & life to them. Excellent advancements, in your shading skills. Good work !


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