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Robert Frank Gabriel

4 Years Ago

Do You Buy Your Own Prints From Faa?

This seems like a silly question. But have you bought your own prints from FAA? I have. Why? Well, my wife buys them as presents for our family. FAA offers such a nice selection of print sizes, frames and mats. I no longer have much interest in making prints, going to the store to buy mats, frames, etc.

Yes, I know FAA is pricey but it is so convenient to select all that needs to be selected.

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MM Anderson

4 Years Ago

I would if I could afford it. I'm thinking about buying a greeting card one of these days just to judge the quality.


Tom Druin

4 Years Ago

ordered (5) 3 11x14 s >1 on watercolor,1 on glossy,1 on matte. 2 larger 18 x24 s on watercolor .ordered them to send 3 to a site i was working with and to try and sell the other 2 .


I purchased a few sample prints and a greeting card, back in my FAA-new-member days. Samples are a must for any POD where I list my art I need to feel confident about what my buyers are receiving.

I can't afford FAA for most of my personal print needs, so have a few other sources that I trust for those.


Jeffrey Kolker

4 Years Ago

Yes, bought many prints. Love them all, except I'm not a big fan of the metal prints. Too shiny for paintings, in my opinion. But regardless, the quality is high. I am happy with my purchases. I use the prints I buy for art shows, and they end up hanging on my walls at home and work.


Tonia Noelle

4 Years Ago

This is a great question, and topic for discussion, as I have wondered about this as well. I have not yet purchased any of my own work, but have considered; needed a canvas print to donate to a charity auction, but I used another, less expensive source. FAA does provide the best, all-around services I have seen, as in it's a great place for one-stop shopping to get a beautiful piece of art all matted and framed!

Thanks for the thoughts on this topic.


Warren Thompson

4 Years Ago

I have bought packs of 10 Greeting Cards for commission customers.
Bought a large print of this iris, had it framed and is in a current galley show.

Sell Art Online


Shane Bechler

4 Years Ago

I've bought over 35 pieces of my work through FAA. I've ordered every type of print available (acrylic, metal, framed, canvas, etc) except greeting cards. I've been very pleased with the results.

I've purchased them to place in some local art displays so people can see the quality of work they will get if they go to my website to buy my art. I have also purchased some for an art show I just entered and have ordered some for gifts. I've also purchased some for local charity auctions.

I ordered some metal prints for the art show and out of the three images submitted, I received two ribbons (first place and honorable mention). That was out of 606 total entries for the show. This was my first art show I've ever entered and people were really impressed with the metal prints and said great things about them. As Jeff mentioned, they are shiny, but that is exactly what I needed for my prints and the metal really brought out the shiny images and made them really pop. So I agreee that metal prints would be best for shiny and bright images and not necessarily for paintings

I plan to order more in the near future. Some for gifts and some where local people want to buy directly from me rather than ordering them from the site. The downfall to that is, when you order images through your own account, it doesn't count toward customer sales and doesn't help boost you in the search results. Those will not show up in the Recently Sold pages either.


Steven Ralser

4 Years Ago

I haven't yet, but I'm starting to experiment with metal prints for shows. One I'm thinking of doing, would be a custom size at bay photo, so actually getting it through FAA is cheaper.

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Louise Reeves

4 Years Ago

Gosh, no! Not when I can get my work from a lab at just a few bucks a piece!


Yes, I have ordered both prints and cards. cards for personal use as well as resale at exhibits, and prints of pieces I liked that the original was sold. Very happy with the results. My daughter in law even has a print of one of my paintings in her office, I was, and still am, very flattered by it the gesture. ( the original had already been sold).


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

I have bought them printed on metal and canvas from FAA - I have bought ones on canvas from another POD which printed just as well - but I am not happy with their set up - so I've sort of dropped the ball on them. I'm very pleased with the metal prints, especially, from FAA. The canvas were perfect - but my abstracts really shine as metal prints - I'm going to have the next ones on acrylic. I've a show coming up in June. timing, timing, timing.

I probably would not purchase prints on paper from FAA - those are as cheap or cheaper from a local printer. The last one I purchased, a couple years back was 24 X 36 and it cost about $28 on acid free watercolor paper.


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

I suppose my ONLY complaint about the metal prints are the sharp corners - you could get punctured. I also worry about someone else hanging/handling them and getting them scratched or the corner bent by setting it down on a hard floor hard.


Cricket Hackmann

4 Years Ago

I've bought about 20 stretched canvas prints for use in my art show booth, and they decorate the walls in my home between shows. The vibrancy of the colors is spectacular. And the quality of the printing is much better than what people are used to seeing when they have their own photos printed on canvas at the photo department of their local discount stores or pharmacies. I also purchase my greeting cards from FAA to sell at art fairs, and I've been very impressed with the quality. The cards are printed by a different vendor, however, and do print a little darker than the prints.

I still have yet to purchase any acrylics or metal prints, but I will!


Ryan Demaree

4 Years Ago

Yes I do, greeting cards for the holidays and birthdays and a handful of framed prints for an art show downtown once

The quality is amazing, altho the price is a little high

You better be setting up in the right area/ demographic if youre expecting to sell any of your work and make even a small profit

Just recently purchased a print of this painting for my fathers birthday

Photography Prints

Framed print via FAA

Sell Art Online


Dan Carmichael

4 Years Ago

No, for prints I have a large body pro printer. I can print better prints than any vendor.

However, I was thinking of ordering a batch of acrylics for a show. Still checking out other vendors. One in canada looked good, but can't remember the name.


Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago

Yes. I wanted to see the quality myself...and I'm very happy with it.


Loree Johnson

4 Years Ago

I've purchased a framed and matted to donate to a charity auction, two canvas prints as gifts, an acrylic and two metal prints to hang in a gallery, and an acrylic for my office. Like Jeff, I'm not a big fan of the metal prints. But, all the others have been spectacular. Especially the acrylics.

When I delivered my pieces to the gallery, there were metal prints on display by another photographer that had a backing board, similar to the FAA acrylic prints. IMO, they looked much better than the FAA prints I delivered. I will opt for acrylic from now on if it's going in a gallery.


Robert Frank Gabriel

4 Years Ago

I am so pleased to read all your comments.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

nope, no space, and i don't spend money on art. if i wanted it, i'd go local. unless i can't find the stuff there, then i would go here, but even so the shipping is out of my price range. even if i can get a good deal on other things.

---Mike Savad


John Crothers

4 Years Ago

Sell Art Online

I have bought a few. In fact I just ordered this one as a 24 x 36 acrylic. Supposed to be here tomorrow!


Dean Harte

4 Years Ago

I would if only overseas shipping wasn't so prohibitively expensive.


Ginny Schmidt

4 Years Ago

YES I DO - I try to order a small print of each type offered by every PoD I belong to,
just to judge the quality - this includes FAA, Redbubble, and Zazzle - also ImageKind
back when I was active there, but have not yet ordered anything from Blue Canvas,
as I seem to be concentrating my efforts here on FAA these days.


Chuck Staley

4 Years Ago

No. Shipping to the West Coast from NC makes no sense to me, especially since I get a better rate on gallery wraps here.

This one I picked up today for a customer:

 photo Sunny-gallery-wrap_zps5680fd14.jpg

It's 40x27x1.5 "Sunny Side Up"


Betsy Jones

4 Years Ago

I buy my own prints of my digital work so I can then paint on that, making digital work mixed media pieces. :)


Nicholas Evans

4 Years Ago

I do buy my own prints, but not from FAA... its too much for me to afford. My lab that I use is a fraction of the cost for larger sizes.


Alfred Ng

4 Years Ago

No, if I need a print I just paint one myself, no need for shipping and no money exchanged.


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

Alfred - I have enough of my own watercolors hanging, a few from other artists (as well as prints from other artists). But when I wanted a print on canvas of one of my abstracts that went with the wall color - I had a POD print it. I have not been able to find anyone near that can print on canvas - 60 miles away at best - and then return to pick it up later - those two trips would cost more than the shipping from CA to FL. Shopping and a great place to eat that costs $30 for lunch for two. Just the two lunches would be 60, never mind the $20 for gas. and then the shopping !!!!


Alfred Ng

4 Years Ago

Roy, I brought a large Epson photo printer few years ago, I made a few canvas prints to see how they look and they turned out very well but then I realized I have the original paintings why I need the prints? All the buyers I know only wanted my originals no one wanted my prints! one time I gave away one of those prints to a friend and he re-gifted to his mother. His mother end up brought a painting. Maybe I should give away more prints.


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