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Isabella F Abbie Shores FRSA

4 Years Ago

Please Check Your Cropping

DING DONG Public Service Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen

Photographers, painters and all other artists

When editing your work before uploading, PLEASE check your cropping.

I always thought that the largest no sale problem would be blurriness, blockiness, or noise but,


it is cropping

and, not just painters but photographers also.

You MUST make sure you are not showing edges, cutting off your signatures, or just not cropping properly.

Please Crop With Care

Thank you

DING DONG End Of Public Service Announcement

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i have a craving for ding dongs now, i wonder if they still sell them.

---Mike Savad


Conor Murphy

4 Years Ago

This would be a great thing for FAA in include so that we could all crop properly before posting.


Mary Bedy

4 Years Ago

Arn't they made by Hostess, Mike? Someone bought hostess, so they probably still sell ding dongs....

On the cropping thing - I just found one while changing prices where there is a tiny cropping issue - oops! It's easy to miss if it's subtle.


JC Findley

4 Years Ago

It is right on the upload page...


Hey... Twinkies and Ding dings will be back soon!


Lara Ellis

4 Years Ago

Mmm ding dongs! Lol :)


bump People STILL are not cropping properly


See My Photos

3 Years Ago

Can someone post an example of bad cropping?


added to top post


Jennie Marie Schell

3 Years Ago

Hi Abbie,

Can you explain what "blockiness" means?

Jennie Marie Schell


Darice Machel McGuire

3 Years Ago

Here is one of mine that I need to fix. As you can see the right side has a white line that didn't get cropped out. (you can see it when you click on the image)
Photography Prints


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

blockiness refers to really highly compressed works. if you save your art at a really low compression (1-12 scale - and you save it at 3). you'll see little blocks when you zoom in. they look like blocks, that's all they look like. and they won't print that. you'll know it when you see it. zoom in at like 700% and you'll see blocks even on a good save. it's when you can see it without doing anything that's when it's really bad.

---Mike Savad


I said that is for another thread, Mike

This thread is for cropping only


Exactly Darice, that is a perfect example where it looks okay unless you look at the full size


David Guerin

3 Years Ago

Why can FAA price out prints for lower size paintings but can't accept my large prints (30x24-36x36). i shoot at 4000x3000 pics and crop. if i don't crop they can do it but not if i do.



Contact us in Tech support as I do not understand what you are trying to say and we will need to get into your account


David Guerin

3 Years Ago

I'd love to get into Tec. support. I've sent them multiple messages but get no reply.Am ready to start looking for a new site that cares about it,s customers enough to at least reply. And Oh Ya. forget about a e-mail response from them as well.


JC Findley

3 Years Ago

David, this thread is not about cropping to make your images smaller, it is about presenting art that will print well without the sides of a painting or edges showing.

Look at the image below in the upper right. You should not be able to see the edge of the painting.

Art Prints


As I AM Tech support I can assure you that I do get through them all. I do have to send some to different departments and then you may have to be patient waiting for an answer.

I do get people shouting when you do not get a reply in an hour or two.


J Scott Davidson

3 Years Ago

Ding dongs? Did I miss the ding dongs? Darn it!


Peter Piatt

3 Years Ago

Just seen Twinkies and Ding Dongs on the shelves at WinCo. What I want are Suzi Q's.

Here is a good example of Bull Crop.

Sell Art Online


I like my ding dongs


Gary Heller

3 Years Ago

I like Yodels. They were mini logs. Very similar to ding dongs, just cropped differently...


Bradford Martin

3 Years Ago

I made a tutorial to assist the cropping challenged. If you use it you may send me a ding dong, yodel or a ring ding to show your appreciation. Or just message a thanks if it works for you.


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