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Greg Norrell

4 Years Ago

Group Website

A new website is being built to promote our group at While this site will have a link to both the Group page and the group members list, the site will focus on a relatively small number of group participants.

Each participant will have a dedicated page with some bio info and a small set of sample images. The site is using a script which prevents viewers from right clicking on images, so they are safe from downloads.

Participants will need an established custom shopping cart. Eventually, I'd like to use the new iFrame shopping carts, but they currently don't allow use of discount codes, purchase of greeting cards, or selection of double mats for framed prints.

To setup a custom shopping cart, log into your FAA account (not the artistwebsite version) and click on 'Behind the Scenes'. Choose 'Premium Features' under the General tab, and from there you can build the cart using your own custom header and the color scheme you prefer.

A blog is also set up for the site, and participants will be encouraged to post occasional info regarding their activities. The blog can drive quite a bit of traffic to the site.

Sites generally receive little activity until they've been around awhile. If participants actively promote the site, posting on social media, linking to the site in forum signatures, etc., we can jump start the search engine climb.

We have room for a couple more spots if anyone thinks this might be something they are eager to embrace and promote.

Greg Norrell

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Gunter Nezhoda

4 Years Ago

Awesome, thanks for all the work and time you put into that Greg, It looks amazing and professional, Super Idea


Dianne Phelps

4 Years Ago

Looks great, Greg... looking forward to participating! And yes, thank you for setting this up :)


Jane McIlroy

4 Years Ago

Sounds interesting. I'd like to participate, but not sure how to join. I'm also a bit confused about the shopping cart - if I set one up, what do I do with it, and what happens next?


Patrick Jacquet

4 Years Ago

Hi Greg,

Your project sounds great !
I would put my name on the subscription list...


Matthias Hauser

4 Years Ago

Hi Greg and Gunter,

I'm in! - if you like...

Greetings from Germany



Shane Bechler

4 Years Ago

Thanks Greg and Gunther,

The website looks great.
I'd be interested as well.



Gunter Nezhoda

4 Years Ago

Thanks guys, glad you like it, Greg will answer soon,

@Matthias, Kinder ist das Leben schoen, ohne ins Buero zu geh'n.
Hoffe es get dir gut, deine Fotos sind SUPER. Froh das du hier bist



Greg Norrell

4 Years Ago

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in participating. I think we are approaching a full slate for awhile, but may consider another addition down the road.

Remember, the site links to this group on FAA so all the great contributors present here should receive some beneficial exposure. Thanks again.

- Greg


Jane McIlroy

4 Years Ago

Thanks for the feature, Greg. To Gunter - thanks for starting this group and all the work you've put into it!


Matthias Hauser

4 Years Ago

Danke Guenter! Ich freue mich sehr, von Anfang an dabei zu sein... :-) And thank you Greg for your great work with the website!


Seth Critchley

4 Years Ago

I would like to be involved with this.
I'm setting up a custom shopping cart now.
I do alot of promo on facebook
@ www.
& www.
Twitter @SethCritchley & @DefApple
& on my home site @
I also have pintrest, linkedIn, & G+ for both myself & DefApple & an etsy store.

I'm sure I can help get the word out. Thanks for your concideration.



Greg Norrell

4 Years Ago

Seth - I sent you a message yesterday. Let me know if you didn't receive it.


Seth Critchley

4 Years Ago

Going through my emails now...been editing photos all morning :)


Seth Critchley

4 Years Ago

Greg - I just sent you a reply email. Let me know if you didn't receive it.



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