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Otil Rotcod

4 Years Ago

Amazing And Drop Jaw Installation! You Have To Watch This!

The Incredible Power Of Concentration - Miyoko Shida
There are no words to describe Miyoko Shida's performance for the Spanish TV program "You Can Do It."

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Ana Belle

4 Years Ago

grabe, i watched it, i almost cry... galing.


Ed Meredith

4 Years Ago

Thanks for posting that Otil that was absolutely stunning work of concentration, dance, balance and sculpture... near the finish i emotionally teared up...



4 Years Ago

I know guys, it was a captivating performance.I had to hold my breathe while watching it, as if I might cause a slight vibration and be the cause of the fall of the sticks! LOL!
Quite Amazing really, you can see her total concentration, as if shes on a trancelike state. thanks for watching it @Ana Belle, and @Ed Meredith, just had to share it to you guys.


Ana Belle

4 Years Ago

stillness is class!


Poe Ed

4 Years Ago

She has the mind of a Zen master.



4 Years Ago

@Poe, thats what you call power of the mind. Mind over matter.


Mark Wickham

4 Years Ago

Miyoko's performance was mystical and mesmerizing. Loved the overhead shots. Great share.



4 Years Ago

@Mark, right the word is mesmerizing performance.


Oh my word! So beautiful I cried



4 Years Ago

@Abbie, hehehe thats what I felt too, thanks for liking it. really had to share.


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