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Alex Blaha

4 Years Ago

What Other Sites Do My Fellow Artists Use To Promote Their Work?

I have had a handful of sales on Redbubble as well as Fineartamerica but I am trying to increase sales.

My question is what other good sites are out there for getting your name and art out there?

I seem to only be able to generate interest from family and friends not the general public as of yet. I have many views from all over but no sales aside from family and friends.

I have donated art to multiple fundraising benefits and silent auctions but from what I gather from multiple artists on here is many of their sales come from complete strangers. How can I become more effective at getting people outside my personal sphere interested in my work?

Thanks Much!


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Julie Ford

4 Years Ago

Have you tried Etsy?


Ericamaxine Price

4 Years Ago

Sign up to be linked with facebook. Everytime you upload a picture it will automatically be posted on your facebook site.
Sign up for Google+
Try stumbleupon.

Join groups and get your pictures out there.
There are quite a few groups that are doing promotion work for their members. You can find them in the discussions.
Good luck!


Dan Carmichael

4 Years Ago

I recently shut down etsy. They are changing their business model. They now promote crafts, etc. much more than art. Go to their main page right now and you will see very little art (if any), but lots of jewelry, floormats, and skirts. Same with Red Bubble. A place to sell t-shirts and stickers, but not a good place to sell frameable fine art. And from personal experience, other places not the best to sell frameable art would be smugmug and artfire.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

donating art doesn't give you press.

putting your name everywhere, advertising daily. getting many friends that are related to the things you sell are needed. having keywords that fit your image is important. you seem to be lacking on the abstracts. adding descriptions as well - google picks up on these things. otherwise you want twitter, pinterest, facebook and such. other forums, blogs, your own website, etc. as well as a consistency of work so people can recognize one of yours against anyone elses.

---Mike Savad


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i have been selling more stuff at redbubble then the past. i'm not sure what really changed. the problem with bubble is, you need to use their templates to make the other products. and that's a real pain. there is no organization there, i would sell 10 times the amount if people could just stroll through my store.

---Mike Savad


Alex Blaha

4 Years Ago

Thanks for the tips


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

I'd like to suggest that if you want to get your name and art out there - next time instead of giving your art away to charity - have an art show/sale and give a percentage. I tend to agree with Mike on this about donating art to charity - it doesn't get you press to sell more art - even though it is a good deed - and in that aspect is fine - just don't expect to be rewarded by folks coming to purchase more of your work.


Alex Blaha

4 Years Ago

Thanks Roy yes good idea. The places I have donated my art to be auction off for charity were situations where I knew going into it it wasn't a way to get my name out there very effectively and I was perfectly ok doing that. I was just stating steps I had already done as far as getting out there more. I know more exposure is needed and I am trying to figure out the most effective routes. Great tip though!



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