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Robert Matson

4 Years Ago

Uncommon Language

Two long lost friends happen to find one another again, they catch up on old times and decide to meet up. They both have hectic lives and busy schedules but find a small window of time when they can meet. They agree on a mid way point and set a time. One friend heads out to meet the other and, along the way, his car breaks down. He looks to his left and sees a hot air balloon field. He runs over and hopes to catch a ride. He waits and waits by a balloon for its operator, knowing his window to meet his friend is short.

After a few minutes with no operator in sight, he decides he can figure out the balloon himself and jumps, casts off the lines and takes to flight. It isn't long before the field is out of sight and he is completely lost. After a while he catches a cold spot and the balloon descends. He sees a man standing on a hill top and calls out to him.

"Helloooooo sir, can you help me?", to which the man on the hill responds, "What do you need?". "I am lost, I need to know exactly where I am!". "Ah, you are 23 degress 14 minutes east latitude, 200 degress 11 minutes north longitude. You are 112 feet above sea level and about 30 feet above ground level.". The man in the balloon rolls his eyes and says; "You, sir, MUST be an engineer!", to which the man on the ground replies, ""Why yes I am, how did you know?".

"You have provided me with an abundance of information that doesn't help me at all!". The man on the hill replies, "Oh, you must be a manager.", to which the man in the balloon replies, "Yes I am, how did you know?". "You have no idea where you are or what you are doing, you came to me for help and I provided you with an exact answer to your question. Now you have somehow concluded that your predicament is somehow my fault.".

As the balloon begins drifting away again, the man on the hill yells out; "Perhaps what you need is an artist!". The man in the balloon says; "Why is that?"....."Because in my experience all a manager really wants is someone to paint them a pretty picture.".

Do you have any instances of sharing a common tongue without speaking the same language? Do share!

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Mo Freelton

4 Years Ago

Mr. Matson

Best I have is Acronyms---I've sat in meetings with people trying to impress and they talk in lettered short form----Internet jargon leads this way as well....LOL

One meeting in a large group---an intelligent member asked the speaker who spoke to death in catchy little program short forms-----What the hell are talking about?-----funny many wanted to ask the same question but were happy to nod their heads in agreement.


Robert Matson

4 Years Ago

Good example Mo...thx...

How many marathon long meetings end with the conclusion that the best way to increase productivity is more doing and less talking about it? Let's discuss this further next week, same time......oh brother


Mo Freelton

4 Years Ago

There are many times that one must stop planning and start doing


Roger Swezey

4 Years Ago

When I married back in the 60's, I married a lovely young lady, who couldn't speak a word of English.

It was WONDERFUL, for we had a common non-verbalized "understanding".....Well, that's what I thought.

Along with speaking Polish, German, Russian, French and Italian, she quickly learned to speak fluent English.

And that's when the troubles began..........For she began to actually understand me.

She is now a professor of Architecture and I stick crab claws into mussel shells.

So it goes


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

I have seen this written to be "politically incorrect" - you'll have to figure out that it's talking about congress.


Robert Matson

4 Years Ago

Yes Roger, some times it is best that we just smile and let the other party decide what it means LOL.


Enver Larney

4 Years Ago

I was high up in the Himalayas and light was fading....

while heading for Annapurna base camp in 1984. As luck would have it I found a cave with three local hunters inside around a raging fire with meat frying in a wok spiced with herbs. Two of them were relentlessly taking the mickey out of the third without letup, to my utter amusement.They had shot a mountain ram (upward curved horns) after following it for a week, the result of a missed shot. I took the single shot Lee Enfield rifle lying on the floor and showed them via raw Aussie theatricals what the story was. They usually hunt in three's. In front, the spotter who gestures with hand signals to the shooter in the middle. The man behind is the baggage carrier...who have been relegated to this position after a missed shot - that can send a startled ram into a frantic run requiring this rearrangement of talent. The successful shooter and spotter were making fun out of a carrier that had just lugged a considerable weight through the snow capped mountains of Nepal.....My audience was dumbfounded that I could figure all this out with speaking a single word in Nepalese....We tucked in and I suffered severely the next morning after not seeing meat for months....

A lesson to us all....


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