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Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

Public Apology To Nathalie

After a heated and public discussion yesterday, - I remembered that cooler heads should always prevail. And, I am not really comfortable with any feeling of ill-will. I hereby sincerely apologize to Nathalie Chavieve for the misunderstanding, no matter who was right or wrong. Hopefully there was no wrong, just different views. Without going into the reason I was un-easy with the tone, she had taken the time to offer an intelligent and constructive opinion. I do appreciate it, and one thing I have learned from this is that we probably should not give an opinion of someones else's opinion. ; )
In every debate, each side clearly sees their own view, but perhaps we should strive to see the views of others before we take a stand.
Peace & luv !

*( no comments necessary )

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Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

1 re-run to insure visibility


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

Applause, well said.


Catherine Howard

4 Years Ago

You, dear sir, are the epitome of grace and decency.


Roseann Caputo

4 Years Ago

Nicely done, Gene.


Janice Drew

4 Years Ago

Well stated, Gene.


I trust this will be publicly acknowledged by the recipient, with the same good grace,Gene, well done.


Georgiana Romanovna

4 Years Ago

You're sweet Mr Gregory ;)


Alfred Ng

4 Years Ago

Gene, you are a class act!
I think most of the times when someone offers advice of others' work are thinking to helps and or expects that person can benefit and improve from it.



4 Years Ago

So gentle men in the purest sense of the word still exist. You're one of them, Sir.


Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

Thank you guys... but I did not post this to be praised or anything like that. LOL
I just wanted the recepient to know my feelings & let it all be in the past.


JAXINE Cummins

4 Years Ago

Gene, your a special man, Class act, and all of the above.

so well said.


Nathalie Chavieve

4 Years Ago

Gene :

There is always will be people who asking for critique and who will give a critique. Both have to consider consequences of their actions.

If some one looking for public opinion be aware there always be some one who can tell a completely different point of view and in different manner. And if some one can not accept or handle different opinions and manners , is better to stay in small and frendly community.

I do not know if my manner to expres my critique was so harsh. Probably. For some one. But at least, I said my honest opinion and I stayed true to myself. It is hard to receive a hard critique if you are not ready for it.

No hard feelings, as I do not expect that some one will patting me on the back.

No apologies was necessary.


Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

Nathalie my dear..... You are perfectly correct. It is understandable that we may not have communicated well, and you speak Finnish, and I barely speak Texan. I am an uneducated old cowboy who never learned the proper way of painting. I do however, sincerely value your apparent knowledge of art. You were absolutly right about my painting. It needs work.
Allow me to give you a hug, and after viewing your great work, you are the master. May we be the best of friends, and I hope to learn from you in the future.
Please accept these roses as a jesture of peace and forgiveness.

roses photo: Roses bunch 02 Rosesbunch02a_zps7ee7bcfa.png

Best wishes always !


Nathalie Chavieve

4 Years Ago


My opinion of your work was not meant to question your education, artistic abilities, your personal values and so on.

Also I am not looking for any kind of prise, appreciation and especially flattery. As I have mentioned already I have not any hard feelings for you nor for the others, and I do not see any reason for you to ask for forgiveness and for me, to forgive.

Thank you for the flowers and your kind regards.

I always will stand for peace and love.


Nathalie Chavieve

4 Years Ago


For the rest of the artist here who have called me rude, harsh, blunt, out of line and etc, I have to say that by calling me so does not make you more better and more polite than me. And if you were clever, polite and wise enough , you would not interfere this matter between me and Gene.

About politeness : in most of the cases, behind of mask of politeness always hides hypocrisy, servility, jealousy ,greed and a herd mentality, which rules the society . And if some one has different opinion and manner to express it , this some one will be always treated as black sheep.

Truth is difficult to accept.

"...I wanted to eat of the fruit of all the trees in the garden of the world... And so, indeed, I went out, and so I lived. My only mistake was that I confined myself so exclusively to the trees of what seemed to me the sun-lit side of the garden, and shunned the other side for its shadow and its gloom .."

Oscar Wild


Second thoughts. I think the flowers and sincere apology would have been much better said, and then the thread closed. Or better still, the matter was about a personal issue, best said privately, off forum. Just saying. Not wishing to be addressed personally. All the best to you both.


Aidan Moran

4 Years Ago

You can always count on Oscar Wild. Great quote.


Enver Larney

4 Years Ago

Quote "About politeness : in most of the cases, behind of mask of politeness always hides hypocrisy, servility, jealousy, greed and a herd mentality, which rules the society . And if some one has different opinion and manner to express it , this some one will be always treated as black sheep." Unquote Nathalie

I agree with you Nathalie....but look at the reasons for this. Artists can either all swim in the same direction in order to appease popular perception or they can stand alone and gain a greater conviction and respect for themselves through the act of challenge. Greatness have always found discomfort in appeasement and its obvious pitfalls.....I also agree with Vivian with regard nobility of spirit. This bear pit of FAA however is a strange place at the best of times where public engagement can come at considerable risk thus hardly a place to seek critique, pity or acceptance by strangers. As a professional tool it seems unrivalled but an alternative to tactile reality may yet prove to be but a mirage and slippery illusive.


Nathalie Chavieve

4 Years Ago

Vivian : It was said privately, but without response. The thread I started was addressed to Gene. If someone took it too personally and tried to defend Gene , it their own problem. But, by doing that , they did Gene a disservice, making him looks like he his uncapable to stand for him self.


Thanks Enver. Stirring the forum pot , just makes matters worse....yes...pots and kettles.....such is life here....



This is a thread by Gene to Nathalie.
There is no need for others to get involved

I am now closing it as you can continue it off the forum Nathalie and Gene if you feel the need


This discussion is closed.

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