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Miriam Danar

4 Years Ago

How Do I Write A Tweet Linking A Gallery To My Facebook Photo Page?

I'm new to Tweets but I have a Twitter account. Can't figure out how to post a tweet of my black and white gallery (or any other gallery I want to show) onto my Facebook Photography Page, so that MY picture shows, not the generic Fine Art America logo.

Anyone know how to do this?

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Miriam Danar

4 Years Ago

Anyone? Anyone? Beuller??? Bueller????


Jeffery Johnson

4 Years Ago

Hum okay is it Tweeter or is it Facebook you are asking about?


Miriam Danar

4 Years Ago

Both, I guess, but mostly how FAA allows one to post a tweet to your FB page that shows your OWN picture, NOT the FAA ad ...


Tony Reddington

4 Years Ago

just copy the link in the address bar on your brouser, and paste into your tweet. Also use a url compresser to make the link shorter so it takes up less space in the tweet. Google cgrome has a built in url shortener. It will show up as a lottle green clamp on the right of the address window. If its not there just go to chrome add ons, or find a free url shortener


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

tinyurl will also shorten long URL's. "I" try to stay away from google (they probably own tinyurl)


Miriam Danar

4 Years Ago

Thanks, Tony and Roy ... I've been doing that, but somehow it always shows that generic FAA ad pic, not my own gallery pic. Not sure how to get around that!


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